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Waluigi Pinball CT - A Mod for Mario Kart 8


v1.0.1 Bug Fix 1y
  • BugFix Collisions should be fine now (Fixing players going through the Road after the Dash Ramp.)
  • BugFix CPU path fixed (Were stuck on the bumper)
  • BugFix Item Path fixed (Bullet Bill turned left after the Dash Ramp for no reason and be stuck at the bumper.)
This should fix the current issues. Let me know if the bug fix doesn't work.

Waluigi Pinball is race track that appears in the Mario Kart series by Nintendo. "Soon after the countdown ends and the race begins, the kart drivers are launched into the pinball machine. After that, the racers start a descent down the machine, encountering numerous pinballs on the way. Later in the track, inside the pinball area, there are flippers and bumpers. The track returns as a retro course in Mario Kart 7 as the fourth and final course in the Banana Cup. Waluigi Pinball now returns in Mario Kart Tour, with several aesthetic differences, including the image of Waluigi's head now rotating left and right. The slots now have a Las Vegas theme to them, the bumpers now have a brighter color, the Mario Kart logo uses a modern design, and a sign after the pinball launch is a sign with Waluigi's art from Mario Party: Star Rush, the track name, and two pinballs." Source: Mario Wiki

This mod is a port of the Waluigi Pinball track from Mario Kart Tour, there are some stuff that need to be fixed but some are hardly fixable, like the pinballs who rotate at every bounce on a wall. I can't redo the bouncy bumper, I tried to use the Flower collision used in DK Jungle, who bounce like the mushrooms in the Mushrooms Gorge track from Mario Kart Wii, but since it is a Road collision, I can't do much about it. I tried to make it compatible with other mods but I can't asure that it will work with all. It is therefore recommended to not use mods with it, especially character mods. Hope you enjoy this track!

It includes :
  • The model extracted from the Mario Kart Tour game v2.0.1 Trick Tour
  • HD Textures (32x32 up to 1024x1024)
  • Alb, Nrm, Spm, Emm, Ao (Light Maps)
  • Objects (ItemBox, Coins, CarA (Replaced and used for the pinballs), and more)
  • Lap Path
  • Item Path
  • Enemy Path (CPU driving area with drifting support)
  • KCL (Define collisions on the map)
  • Background Music (1, 2 and Final Lap) [Source : WaluigiPinball_OST]
  • Textures Animation
  • Mini-map
  • Intro Camera
  • A Custom PTCL (Particle Effect)

Softwares used to make this mod:
  • 3D Modeling: Blender 2.80.75
  • Textures: Photoshop
  • Imports: Switch Toolbox
  • Background Music: Audacity, Sony Vegas Pro 14, BrawlboxMulti BRSTM BuilderLooping audio converter

  • Total Vertex Count: 428830
  • Objects: 48
  • Materials: 39
  • Textures: 49

You're free to use this mod in any mod packs you want by just crediting somewhere.
Have any issues with the mod ? You can ask on the comments bellow!
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