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Bowsers Castle - A Mod for Super Mario Odyssey

Another Jupahe64 Original

After more than one year I finally upload a new odyssey level.
And it actually took one year to make. Mostly because I modeled everything, from the ground, the lava to every platform you see, pretty much.
Last year I learned so much about blender (the modeling software i used) and odyssey. And I wanted to put as much of it as possible in this level, so be ready for a few surprises.

Since most of my previous levels where pretty hard I tried to lower the difficulty a lot for this level, still should be fun though and if you really want a challenge try to get all Moonshards.

This level has 2 Moons:
-5 hidden Moonshards
-Defeating Bowser

The entrance to it is in the Cap Kingdom near the odyssey (as seen in the picture)
You need to have Moonpipes unlocked, also you should be playing on version 1.3

The Mod is playable in English and in German.
So far it has only been tested with Atmosphere on real hardware, but it's very likely going to work on emulators as well.
If it doesn't work for you, tell me in a reply giving me as much informations as possible.
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    Hi I recently downloaded your mod but sadly I couldn't make it work, here are some Infos you may need.When I activate the mod the game just crashes, not even a decent launch. I'm using simplemodmanager v2.0.4.Other mods do work (Luigi odyssey, Luigi physics, and the rope jump block) I tried to launch with only the bowser castle mo and it didn't work either. I'm in v1.3 BUT I didn't do that thing with the moon rocks maybe that's the problem. Sorry for disturbing you, thanks for creating that amazing mod, and hope I will use it in the future :)
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    great mod imo, but the bowser fight has some problems because i couldn't hit bowser's hats in the second and third phases unless i hit them with very specific timing

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  • What exactly do u mean by "your odyssey folder"? Is it the 0100000000010000 folder or is it something else? Im on 1.3, i have atmosphere and all of that, but the pipe doesnt show up.
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    ScorchFlameYT Joined 2y ago
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    What does "You need to have Moonpipes unlocked, also you should be playing on version 1.3" mean?
    My ass hurts
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    Ayee! I've been hearing about this level being in the works for quite some time! Glad you finally got it finished up and I can't wait to play it. :D
    Mario Odyssey Modder
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    Having seen some of the early stages of this, I can tell so much work went into this mod.. And it looks awesome now!

    I will definitely play it ASAP!
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