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Bob-omb Battlefield Remake - A Mod for Super Mario Odyssey


Version 1 Hotfix 3 3y
  • Amendment Just like hotfix 1. Apparently hotfix 2 broke stuff.
  • Removal Removed all general system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
If your game hangs right as you boot SMO, make sure your language is set to American English. If that doesn't fix it, delete the LocalizedData folder on your SD card.
Version 1 Hotfix 2 3y BugFix Overhaul Version 1 Hotfix 1 3y BugFix
- Description -

Hello y'all, first of all, I wanted to thank KillzXGaming and Cosmological for making this mod a possibility! If you get the chance to talk to them, make sure you give them the respect they deserve!

Anyway, this is Bob-omb Battlefield! The long-forgotten plains where Bob-ombs used to fight! It changed a little since the last time you came here, but I'm sure Mario's new moves are going to come in handy!

Both old and new Moons are scattered around the place, and it's up to you to find them!

- What we've done -

This map tries to remake Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 inside Super Mario Odyssey. Since Odyssey is a bigger game overall, both in terms of gameplay and graphically, we wanted to give this map the best we had and make it look as best as possible!
We made new objects for the map that are not normally found in Odyssey, we also kept in mind Mario's new moves. That means that players now have the ability to skip parts of the map, which they couldn't do in Super Mario 64.

We are proud to announce that this map doesn't replace any other maps or objects in the game! In fact, with our work, it actually ADDS a map, allowing the full game to be played with an extra map on the side. No more replacing sub levels!

We hope that you enjoy the hard work we put into this, and that you will seek us for more in the future! Thank you very much to all your support, you guys are why we do this kind of thing!

- Known Bugs -

The music will play weird at first, but after a few seconds, it will be 100% fine.

- Where can I access the map? -

Remember 22 years ago? Yeah, that's where.

- Where are the Moons? I can't find them! -

There are 10 moons in this level. 
Here are a few hints as to where they are:

- Big battle on the Summit
- Running fast, to the Top
- Shoot to the Island in the Sky
- Find the 8 Purple Coins
- Glydon Wings to the Sky
- Behind Chain Chomp's Gate
- Stack-o-Goomba
- Remains of an old Cannon
- Kick it, Break It
- Hidden under a familiar Bridge 

- Help, the map won't work! -

Make sure you are running the 1.2.0 Version of the game, with the language set to American English.

- The Team - 

TheSunCat (Level Design, Testing) 
JuPaHe64 (Level Design, Testing, Modelling)
MelonSpeedruns (Level Design, Testing, Modelling) 

Special Thanks to Cosmological for originally making this amazing terrain model for SMG2.5 that we used! It looks great dude, keep it up!
Also a huge thanks to Cmyth for the Bob-Omb Battlefield Music Remix included in the map! Go check his channel out:


If you're a content creator and want to use the mod, be aware it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License (



1) Use this file for commercial purposes

2) Redistribute this file on other websites

3) Modify and distribute the file


1) Link to this video and the GameBanana page

2) Give credit to MelonSpeedruns, JuPaHe, Cosmological, and me in the video itself

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  • Hello , this mod actually convinced me to buy a switch on which I did install atmosphere and somehow managed to install mario odyssey with 1.2.0 patch with tinfoil , I couldn't find the file Title within my CFW , but managed to use the app nxdumptool to get them into D:\atmosphere\contents\0100000000010000\romfs , I extracted the files from this download and I simply get an error , where did I do something wrong? Im new to all this modding and actually having a switch for the last 2 days
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  • EWIZARD avatar
    EWIZARD Joined 1y ago
    Hi. So, I have a question, how to I install this mod. Ive never done modding or anything related. Also if you reply, could you tell me all the consequences and possibilities that could happen, for example my switch getting bricked.
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  • Hello there, I have a question. If I am running a hacked switch version 9.2.0 and have Super Mario Odyssey version 1.3.0 can it be able to work? I ask this because whenever I jump into the pipe it tries to load but my game crashes. I already had a mod that changed the assets of Mario and text in the game to make it look like Luigi, does this affect the Bob-omb Battlefield mod? Thank you for reading and I'm very sorry for bothering you since I really don't know much about how this works.

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  • im running 1.0.0 currently how do I update to 1.2.0?

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  • Omg this mod is soooo amazing, I'd love it if you made any more classic levels, siccccccck level. Even better that you add a map entirely, and don't replace one
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  • I've just finished this and it is great! a bit short but loved it :D

    Tested on:
    Switch 8.0.1
    Atmosphère 0.8.9
    Super Mario Odyssey 1.3.0
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  • Hey I tried downloading this and when I went into the pipe my game crashed. I was on version 1.2 no other mods but my language was Europe English if that has anything to do with it.
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  • how do you download/install and can you get your switch bricked
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    Arc_Ray Joined 6y ago
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    17 medals 1 legendary 3 rare
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    i downloaded this recently and was enjoying til the game crashed from spinning Cappy on that signpost. the glitch you said was fixed. how do i fix this issue?
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  • Very fun level I like it alot good job!
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