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KF-Canals - A Mod for Killing Floor 2


Map is finnaly polished and done 2y
  • Overhaul Precomputed Visibility Added
  • Addition More Traders
  • Addition Fixed some lights that casted bad shadows
  • Addition More blocking volumes so players dont exploit
  • Addition Reverb Volumes for added sound fx
  • Overhaul Pathing (Doors)
  • Optimization Destructible lighting
  • Tweak Splatter maps allround
  • BugFix Fixed AI pathing issues walking through glass and falling
  • Improvement Fixed AI pathing so they don't cut corners and fall of the map

Known issues: (1/16/2019)

Still some minor pathing issues with Zeds (Not major as it doesn't effect game to much)

Splattermaps (Some aren't optimized to be beside each other so blood is cut off)

Hey thankyou for downloading my Second ever published map on gamebanna.

Here is my other work. :


 Thanks to the kf2  discord modding community for helping me in issues with this map, as well as the Gamebanna community!

Fully Released

Hey Friends!

     I've been developing a KF2 map for the past year working on it off and on for months. I don't call myself a professional map maker or even a good one at that,(Unreal development kit) UDK is the editor i used to make this map, I'm still learning a lot new techniques from SDK,KF2 communities forums and each time I develop my map. Highly recommend you to try mapping with UDK if you don't already :)!

Now for my map. 

KF2 - Canals
Map Style: Caldera Canal Based off of Team Fortress's (cz2)

  • Setting: Canals Science Lab
  • Day/Night : Night
  • Arcade: No
  • Realistic: N/A
  • Fun/Serious: Serious
  • Indoor: N/A
  • Outdoor: Ye
  • Mirror map: Yes
  • Size: Large
  • Custom Textures/Mods: Yes
  • Survival: Yes
  • Weekly: Yes

This map is remake from a team fortress classic map CZ2 (Canal Zone 2) A capture the point objective attack/defend flag running.

Images: Development

Far Birds Eye
Early Development

Polishing Stages (Comparison to TFC)

Spawn Point
Control Point 1 and 5
Control Point 2 and 4
Control Point 3

*Updated Release 10/29/2019

Initial Release 10/17/2018

Known issues: (10/29/2019)

-Lighting may look out of place (Planning on making every light on the map distructable instead of just some)

-Splattermaps (Some arent optimized to be beside each other so blood is cut off)

Fixes And Updates


-Added Precomputed visibility

-Added MaxRenderDistance to majority of staticmeshes/lights/ect

-Lighting tweaked a bit in some areas


-Fixed some AI pathing issues walking through glass and falling.

-Fixed some more AI pathing so they dont cut coners and fall of the map every time.

-Tweaked more lighting

-Added better blocking volumes so people move around map nice and smooth

-Added more spawnpoints all over the map (Nice distribution of zeds) :^)


-Little changes in lighting and light maps

-Overhual on Pathnodes (Remade the majority of them)

-Added a secret room

-Updated some materials (Wall Material changes)

-Added more decorations

-Added sounds and effects all over the place


- Fixed a lot of issues with lighting and lightmaps

- Tweaked AI pathing so they dont turn around and go another direction while following.

- Added more objects for map look

- Added smoke effects and other effects to set the mood

- Added more blocking volumes so you dont get caught on common objects around the map

- Overall map performance is improved

Enjoy and please leave feedback if you have any suggestions or tips! 

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