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obj_boozerun - A Mod for Pirates Vikings and Knights II.

Race for the booze!

Second beta release. Changelog: - Fixed spawns stuck inside viking doors - Increased round time to 7:30 - Removed the bell sound - Attempt to fix players getting stuck in carts - Attempt to fix beehive / distillery teleporting away - Added playerclip around flyer launchers to stop people from walking on the flyers and being confused - Removed cart and roof moving sounds because they bug out and keep playing forever - Fixed pirates not being able to exit their flyers at will - Reduced height at which flyers come in over the abbey a little - Removed possibility to get the distillery stuck - Changed the way the wheels on the wood carts are attached The pirates and vikings are assaulting an abbey to get to its rum and mead respectively, but it is located on an inaccessible peak. To get to it, they need to bring carts laden with wood to their base and build flyers. Meanwhile, the knights are doing their best to stop the other two teams. Objectives: ----------- - Bring carts with timber to base - Destroy the gates of the abbey - Crash mobile beehive through latrines (vikings) | Blow up wall with mobile distillery (pirates) - Break the supports of the barrels - Capture the pirate schooner (vikings) | Capture the viking longship (pirates) Features: --------- - The next objective is always displayed when you spawn or are nearby when the current objective is completed, along with objective sprites to guide players - Carts that are faster the more people are pushing, and can be stopped when there's at least as many enemies around it - Flyers on rails that take the players up to the abbey - Moving spawns for the knights - Carts that can be pushed, halted, and rolled back by the enemy once there are no more allies around it - Capturing ships: it takes 30 seconds to fully take control of the vessel, with flags moving up along the masts to show capturing progress. When there are equal or more enemies on deck the capturing is paused, and if there are no allies left it is reset entirely.