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Horrors of Hell - A Mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Rtcw SP addon

It took me a little over a year to create this adddon. It's a "reboot" of my previous works "Hell Mappack" and "Hell Mappack Remake". Please remove these 2 releases from your Rtcw install, if you have them, because they will interfere with Horrors of Hell. Remember to check the readme file for important information. Thank you to all Rtcw fans who support me! *******README********* File Name: Horrors of Hell Version: Final Levels: 3 Author: Mike Smith (Ronboy) Instructions: There are 2 methods to run this addon. Put the Horrors_of_Hell folder in your RTCW folder (not in Main!). This addon uses 3 additional weapons (mp44, carabin, and ppsh). Please make a backup of your original qagamex86 and cgamex86 DLL files before using the files provided in this addon. First, make sure that the 2 DLL files provided (qagamex86 and cgamex86) are in your Rtcw root folder (not in Main or any other folder). Overwrite the 2 DLL files in your Rtcw root folder, where the game shortcuts for sp and mp are located. After that, you should have the following files inside the Horrors_of_Hell folder: 1. Horrors of (Shortcut to launch the map quickly) 2. horrors_of_hell.pk3 (the pk3 file) 3. readme.txt (this file) 4. Install_Help (this folder contains two screenshots to show you what your Rtcw root folder and Horrors of Hell folder should look like.) NOTE: If you are still confused about how to install this addon, check the two screenshots provided inside the "Install_Help" folder. After following the instructions above, you can launch the addon with either method below. 1. Launch the game via the provided shortcut. If the shortcut doesn't work, you have to edit it. 2. Launch Rtcw, clicking on options, mods, and Horrors of Hell. Type /spmap hell_lab and enjoy. *******FEATURES******* ~ Custom sounds ~ New weapons ~ Some new crosshairs and icons ~ Custom clipboards and letters ~ Briefing screen similar to the original maps ~ Working notebook with a special "personal notes" section (click the notebook arrow to access it) ~ Custom prefabs ~ A few custom models ~ A few custom textures ~ Custom music NOTE: In order to get all of the above features to work, you must follow the installation instructions carefully! Please remove Hell Mappack and Hell Mappack Remake if you have these releases downloaded, in order to avoid any conflicts that they may cause with Horrors of Hell. Credits: Vicpas for mapping help and testing, Yo$hik for mapping help, levelshots, and testing, CZR for the custom blood textures, Titeuf-85 for the colored icons, kat for mapping help and testing, Depro777 for the Russian soldier skins, some models and testing, shurr for testing, Horst for testing, and SSF Sage for testing. Tools used: Gtk Radiant 1.2.11, Q3map for compiling, and Winamp for sound conversions. Build time: A little over a year. Known bugs: On the final cutscene on the map hell_final, the cameras sometimes will not work correctly. This was recently discovered by me, and it seems to be a randomly triggered bug... Testers: Vicpas, shurr, kat, Yo$hik, Horst, Depro777, SSF Sage. Gameplay hint: The custom health pack model (from Rtcw mp) is a large health pack (50 Large Health). The custom health pack model (from Wolf ET) is a medium health pack (25 Med Health). Don't use them unless you need them! NOTE: After some thought, the .rcd files have been included in this .pk3 file. Also, this mappack uses custom music. It is recommended that you turn down the music volume some in the system/sound menu. Compile Machine: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 64-bit with AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor 5000B 2.60 GHz with 4 GB RAM. Emails: [email protected] OR [email protected] Website: My Youtube channel: Please email me if you have any questions or comments. Mission: Hello, Pavlov. While BJ is out on a separate mission, we have a task for you. We have been informed that the SS Paranormal Division has a lab inside what seems to be a normal military facility. Under the lab is a crypt, where the SS Paranormal Division is taking valuable treasure and artifacts. Since the Paranormal Division is involved, we are a bit worried that they may have something sinister planned. Based on your past accomplishments, we decided to choose you for this mission. Be very careful. The Germans won't let you into their facility without a fight. One of your comrades, Sgt. Pavel, will escort you to the facility. You will be on your own from there. Good luck, Pavlov. OSA Headquarters