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mooncheese v1 - A Mod for Team Fortress Classic

------Story---------------------------------------------------------- Once the dark age of the Cold War was over, all mankind lived in peaceful co-existence helping each other to create a better world. The end result of this collaboration was the construction of a joint space project, and the early colonization of the moon, with the creation of the first Moon base. The point of all this hard work and endeavor? To mine mooncheese, of course. This is where all the trouble started... The Russians wanted the mooncheese as they acquired a taste for the foul-smelling substance, a cross between Stilton and mature babies nappies (diapers). The Americans wanted it for production of Mars space probes (as the Martians wouldn't go near the stuff...) The Australians wanted it to increase the production of homemade soaps but they really didn't have much of a say in the matter. (Thank God!) Being civilized countries (America only qualifying a few months ago) they both agreed it would be in the best interests of the common good to seek a ruling by the United Nations. After much deliberation and discussion, the UN decided that the only viable solution would be for each nation to go out and kill each other. (This made easier by the fact that they both reside near the jointly-built spaceport). "Whoever owns the moon base shall own the mooncheese", said one slightly sober UN representative. After exchanging handshakes and blades to each other's vital organs, both sides set off for the moon.... ------Credits and Thanks--------------------------------------------- Thanks to all those Old Geezers who volunteered for map testing, Dark Ranger Coder, Talon, MrMcFeely, TheReaper, JackhOle, WarHogg, Myok to name just a few (Jeez, I guess my mind is getting too old...) Also to Borg, Juice and Nimrod for testing. Thanks again to Coder for supplying me with a server worth testing on and anyone else I've forget to mention ***** CREDITS TO [OGzr]Superdude*****
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    Lol, try this map. It is very fun, I guarentee it. I wish I could upload more photos but, I can only post 4 here..
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    Uhhh... The Mooncheese O_o
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    it's pronounced "ham-saur
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