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Jungle Pit - A Mod for Crysis


1.04 3y
  • - - tried to fix ai {AGAIN}
  • - - removed lots of AI in an attempt to fix bugged AI and removed many small rocks on ground and added more leaves and better plant draw distance
1.03 3y 1.02 4y 1.01 5y

Very large open world jungle mostly procedurally generated with many enemies and few handcrafted outposts

v1.04 - Junglepit

This is a standalone map built for Crysis v1.2 (May work with later version)

Open world map with no objective but plenty of enemies and a gigantic amount of lush procedurally generated vegetation to explore. Sparse amounts of encampments and hand-built terrain are included but may take a while to find them all.

There's a couple of bugs and issues that are hard to fix that are explained on objective+map screen.

Included is a tweakpack I've been working on that gives optimal values for playing this map especially, as well as realdamage where weapons used in the map almost always 1 hit, making the map very challenging, although it works with regular Crysis and most other custom maps as well.


zzzRD.pak goes in crysis/game folder - Realdamage mod effects regular game as well

autoexec.cfg goes in crysis folder - Tweaks effect regular game as well

diff_hard.cfg goes in crysis/game/config - Back up your old "diff_hard.cfg" first, this will make enemies react to you slower and give you a bit of extra HP and HP regen so you don't get constantly 1 hit

Junglepit folder goes in crysis/game/levels folder

To turn off tweaks/RD mod:

Rename autoexec.cfg to autoexec.cfgbkp

Rename zzzRD.pak to zzzRD.pakbkp

Rename diff_hard.cfg to diff_hard.cfgRD and use your backed up file

To play the custom map:

Enable and use the console and type "map junglepit"


- "r_ssao_darkening" resets when loading "junglepit" map to 0.45; if you save your game and reload crysis it will return it to "r_ssao_darkening 6" every time on that savegame file. You can set it in console every map reload, but the map looks better at 0.45 and the regular crysis missions look better around 4-6, you can change it to "r_ssao_darkening 0.45" and not worry about it in the autoexec.cfg or use AutoHotKey to make ssao changing hotkeys

- it says "default blue lighting" in the readme but it defaults to green lighting

- reshade values are a bit red, change technicolor blue value down, and increase strength like these values:


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