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+Ultra Particle Effects - A Mod for Half-Life 2: MMod


v4.2f 9d
  • BugFix Added a few missing materials and textures
v4.2e 1mo BugFix Addition Improvement v4.2d 2mo Addition BugFix v4.2c 3mo Adjustment BugFix v4.2b 4mo Addition BugFix

Smoke on the Fire

New water, fire, smoke and blood effect for MMod, works on version 1.2+
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  • Foxstiel avatar
    Foxstiel Joined 6mo ago
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    does this work on vanilla? or only mmod
    Foxy Dude
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    24d 24d
    There's  some not quite missing particles but like checker transparent texture during chopper fight right after your car catches on fire in ep2

    not sure if its just my end though
    ex. ShotShellX
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  • Heroheenie avatar
    Heroheenie Joined 8mo ago
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    Impact textures are purple and black error textures
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  • 1mo 1mo

    PROJECT HL2 (MMOD) with this mod, errors when shooting from smg1, while I did not observe other errors in the console, I'm afraid to play further with these red errors, because the game often crashes, damn, when you already fix all the errors, I did not put any other mod on top of yours, except for skins on people and characters....

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  • You certainly corrected the mistake, but the trouble is, it doesn't come alone, there are no effects of yours on the sand, not at all, not from grenades, not from missiles. here are the screenshots, in the archive, see for yourself.... []
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  • C_OP_RenderSprites::RenderUnsorted: Attempting to use an unimplemented sprite renderer for system "impact_dirt"!

    The entire console writes this error in infinite red, and after a while-the game crashes, I put a dislike for the fact that you are the author of something that has not been corrected, you are a fraud!

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  • Daken50 avatar
    Daken50 Joined 9mo ago
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    Seems to work in Vanilla. Had to remove two files but it's working.
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  • CH53Transportheli avatar
    CH53Transportheli Joined 1y ago
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    Which files to delete for the pulse gun(AR2 and Mounted gun) bullet impact effects? They just show up as purple and black grids for me, but everything else is fine.
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  • Neilz Combine Industries Flag
    Combine Industries
    Well, I´ll just try again asking this: Could you tell me how to reduce blood impact and remove the sprites from that? Just the impact a little bit reduced. thanks
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  • crashes and errors are endless in the console, despite the fact that there is nothing to fix it, I clearly put a dislike...
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