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High Rise - A Mod for Sven Co-op

Top to bottom

You are going in from the top. the tower has be taken by terrorists and aliens. clear them out and make way for the team below to assault. You can take this mission on solo (if you have a death wish) but I recommend forming a squad for this one.

Good luck!
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    dude like omg i love this
    Garry's Mod Map Maker
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    Im not really into walkthrough, but your setting reminds me of Deleted Scenes campaign. I'll give it a shot~

    A bit of advice however, the next time you package a map, you should only include the .bsp. You may also want to include the default setting to your map, like.. "What weapons you will carry at start? How well you are prepared into combat situation? Did you bring your armor? Can you scale a wall or require a buddy boost?" All of this can be controlled with map configuration.

    You should read it from Sven Co-op Manual about Mapping (configuration guide). Sorry I can't link it, GB won't let me :(

    Congrats on your 2nd SC map btw.

    Post-playthrough review:
    Really well done, the pacing is well, and weapons placement nicely progressive. Some tough enemy spawns and encounter, wouldn't say it's hard but it's not easy either by gun-blazing in. The walkthrough route is still obviously linear (there is one part where the route is divided, which can act as good shortcut to flank the grunts), there isn't much puzzles or mind-blowing routes like HL campaign. But, combat wise it's great, took me approximately 15-20 minutes to beat it without death in solo. This map works well playing from 1-4 players.
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    Looks pretty good, I will definitely take a look at it.
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