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Counter-Strike Xbox "port" - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

This project was originally made to port every assets from the forgotten original Xbox port of CS. The project began around the end of 2017 after seeing no one did this. It was done by using various tricks and workarounds, mostly involving creating custom WADs to meet the needs of BSP maps included in the Xbox port. However as progress was made further, more obstacles came along the way and I couldn't finish it anymore. Luckily I still kept the files so I thought I would like to share because keeping them private won't help.

What's included:
- The following maps were ported, either completely or partially: Corruption, Dust/Dust2, Aztec, Airstrip, Militia, Italy, Inferno, Chateau, Vostok.
- Background menu from the "Press Start Button" screen.
- Weapon models: they are the exact same as Deleted Scenes, the textures are just brighter and have lower resolutions. P & W not included.
- Weapon sounds: this is really a pain in the ass to extract the sounds, as they were encrypted using Xbox ADPCM. Many of weapon sounds are unique in the Xbox port.
- Bot navigation files: these NAVs were taken straight from the game files. Bots using these NAVs are generally smarter than Condition Zero.
- And maybe more that I probably forgot.

Why I don't work on this anymore:
1. I really didn't have time since I graduated college 2 years ago. There was a stay-at-home COVID period, but I used that time to rework an old Sonic Generations mod.
2. After the project was going halfway, I realized that the rest of the Xbox have almost the same aesthetics as Condition Zero, albeit having darker lighting, so I thought that there's really no points on continuing.
3. CS Xbox was packed using very proprietary formats (SXWad for general packing, and xpr for storing textures) that many available extractors are still failed to properly extract them all to this day, especially skybox textures. This is another major reason contributed to why I stopped.

I was thinking of including my own ripped Xbox player models, but someone already did this with much better result. You can find the pack here.
Info about how this port differs from the original PC version can be found here.

Since this project is incomplete and abandoned, any spotted bugs will not be fixed. Have fun!