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Guns For Hire - A Mod for StarCraft

Title                   : Guns For Hire
Filename                : (1)Guns For Hire ??.scm
Version            : 1.03 beta
Single Player        : yes
Multiplayer        : No
Author                  : Langdon
Email Address           :

Description             : An easy to medium difficulty campaign, detailing
                          the exploits of Piedmont's Curiassers, a mercenary
                          Terran unit. Comes with lots of trigger descriptions
                          and hidden "features"...

* Play Instructions and Installation *
Unzip all .scm files into any directory under \Starcraft\maps\.
Keep all .scms together in a single directory. To start the campaign, choose
"Play Custom" from the Single-player screen. Select "Use Map Settings" and
load "(1)Guns For Hire 1.scm".

* Play Information *

Mission type: Single-player
Difficulty rating: easy to medium
New WAVs: various door opening/closing sounds, bad Arnold impression in Mission 4
New Cutscenes: I wish.

* Additional Info *

The campaign extrapolates from the Terran scenarios included with the game (Episode I) and
begins just after Mission 7 (Trump Card) after Kerrigan deploys the Psi-Emitter in the Delta
Squadron Base, and the Zerg attack Antiga in earnest. It ends just before Mission 10 (The
Hammer Falls).

I made these scenarios instead of writing fanfic - I wanted to tell a story. Unfortunately,
extra-long briefings and transmissions just ain't fun to do - so I'll probably post a couple
of stories to go along with this.

This is a work-in-progress - it still has various typos, bugs, etc. The current
mission tree looks like:

                 ------> 3a ----               -------> 5a --|
                 |        ^       |              |                  |
1 ---> 2 ---|        |       |---> 4 ---|                  |--> 6
                 |        |       |               ------> 5b --|
                 ------> 3b ----

Single player maps for Starcraft, as originally released on the PC Gamer August 1998 disc.

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