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de_season_csgo - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

CS Source Port

"Season Corporation, a Japanese bio-research facility, has its white walls painted red by a Phoenix demolition attack.

The conflict is occurring within a bio-research facility in Tokyo, JapanMount Fuji is visible in the distance in the skybox. The map features clean aesthetics with a significant usage of white and other simple, bright whole colors.
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    Season is one of my favourite maps, so it's interesting to see CSGO's take on it which I hadn't seen before backported. I don't know anything about cubemaps and the like with already mentioned porting issues that should be considered in an update, so this is from a more basic player point of view, just from running around for a few minutes looking at stuff for now:

    - Geometry is pretty recognizable from original, lot of places are looking significantly fancier and have more character than the generic old industry brick + sheet metal theme and do look pretty good but extremely bright, I guess that's just the CSGO version's thing.

    - there seems to be an invisible ledge or obstacle on a wall near T-Spawn.

    - a nav is embedded in bsp rather than separate, but lacks place names :( Not sure if all areas are accessible, was just a quick run through... the pit near A seemed as if it has no exit connections, only dropdowns. But there are jumps to get on top of said invisible ledge, which is a bit weird.

    - The lighting seems a bit questionable in cases, as was already mentioned (particulary blatant example, though a negligible one: very bright forklift in a pitch-black garage near the vents entrance on mid)

    - the map seems to be mistagged as the pretty dead "Bomb/Hostage" category rather than regular Bomb Defusal. No hossies here. Is there an actual hybrid scenario like that, for that category to exist?
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  • Loaded it up and walked around a bit:

    Functional port. Everything seems to work and interact properly for core gameplay.
    And it has a detailed radar, which is always a plus.
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    1 No hdr, 
    2 no light maps, 
    3 no cubemaps, 
    4 bad shadows,
    5 incorrect detail textures, 
    6 no use vertex lights, 
    7 no sound scapes 
    8 bud conteiner bsp (included unnecessary files like a materials\tools etc...
     - port is bad.
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    The texture seems familiar. Is this from CSGO?
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