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Surf_Vindictive - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source.

A average sized combat surf map

Surf_Vindictive by -[Element]-
This is my first surf map, I tried to keep architecture as realistic as possible, also I tried to keep gameplay as fun as possible with the experience I have (Not to much ;p). So here goes nothing... Vindictive is a combat surf map of average size. Vindictive features 2 spawns each allowing 2 directions to surf in. This setup creates a symetrical style of gameplay. Vindictive's surf flows towards the middle, however it is not the only direction possible. The map can be played with normal surf and shooting, however those who wish to take it a step further can perform various telehops throughout the map. Telehops will allow you to get to spots on the map otherwise not availble by normal surf. Since vindictive has symetrical gameplay, there are 2 jails. This jail system is unique because you are randomly placed inside a jail instead of the same one. This jail system helps control jail campers and it gives you a chance to survive after falling. The jail doors release every 15 seconds to keep gameplay going. There is one secret in the map. This secret does NOT give a huge advantage because...well...that would be boring. The secret room needs to be activated throughout the map, and once it is activated, special prizes await. Good luck searching. :D ALL surf ramps are surfable in both directions, also there are various boosts throughout the map to help gain speed, be creative, surf anywhich way you feel comfortable, and most of all. Kill the other team. There are various weapons throughout the map and you keep these weapons if survive the round. All weapon spawners come with 2 rounds, but normal weapons come with 1 round. There is a different gun for everyones taste, don't worry. Have fun surfing! -------- Also, special thanks to.. Buck Nasty | Tons of help / ideas / server for beta test ( Donald | Tons of ideas / server for beta test (No longer up D: ) Cornibulus | Lots of help / ideas AcidTongue | Help in the early stages | Great community / tons of help And All the beta testers and a more detailed list can be found in the "secret room" :D
Just a quick look at the map, and how I surf it, there are many ways it can be surfed.
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