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mg_arcs_multigames - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

A multigames map made for Counter-Strike: Source. It includes 15 playable arenas.

MG_ARCS_MULTIGAMES Arenas - Pushcircle - Bunnyhop Battle - Defuse - Snipers - Knife (+Backstab) - Shotguns (Boxes or Plus Signs) - 1v1 (Deagle or Knife) - Blinddeagle (Deagles or Elites) - Boostknife (+Backstab) - Arena (TMP, M4A1, Shotguns, Elites, Scouts, USPs +Headshot mode) - CannonSurf (Knives or Shotguns) - Iceskate (+Backstab) - Buy - Snipers [Small] - Trains Music - Ramses B - Visionary - Sasqualmox - Synesthesion - [EON] - Popcorn Remix - Mannheim Steamroller - The Third Door - Loudcore - Welcome to Metropolis - NathanaelPlatier - Strength to Fight - Avicii - Fire [Levels 2] - F-777 - He's A Pirate Remixed - Loudcore - Flying Underground - Beverly Hills Cop Theme Song - Avicii - Speed - Lashmush - Power of Celtic - Avicii - Wake Me Up Pushcircle: Plant the bomb, or bunnyhop around the circle and use the weapons you picked up or bought to kill the other team! Bunnyhop Battle: 8 levels of bunnyhop. Increasing difficulty. The farther you get, the better your weapons and HP when teleported to the arena. If you pass the 8th level you get to kill everyone. One minute before teleportation to the arena. Defuse: A classic counter strike arena, except both teams get 1.5x speed. A buyzone at the spawns, and two bombsites. Snipers: A large sniper arena. Choose between AWP and Scout. Everyone gets 1.5x speed. Watch out for the crushing blocks! Knife: An arena where you get only knives. Backstab mode activates health regeneration. Shotguns: An arena where you get shotguns and grenades. The different modes identify the cover/obstructions inside the arena. 1v1: Duke it out one-on-one with friends and enemies chosen at random from the players in the game. Blinddeagle: A breakaway from the classic Blind deagle maps, where there are buildings and doorways instead of just doorways. You can also choose to enter the same arena with dual elites. You get both pistols and grenades. Boostknife: An square arena with boosters on the mesa in the middle as well as boost paths around the outsides. Knives only; backstab mode activates health regeneration. Arena: Enter into a dark, cramped arena with any of the available weapons and a grenade. Headshot mode activates health regeneration. CannonSurf: Fly around to your heart's delight using the cannons while trying to either knife or shoot the enemies you find. Iceskate: Launch off the entry ramp into an iceskate arena. Avoid the deadly pit in the center, it makes you extremely slow. Backstab mode activates health regeneration. Buy: A narrow arena with glass dividers down the center. You can shoot through the glass, but you only do half damage. Be careful of the bottom path! Snipers[Small]: A smaller arena for sniping. AWPs and Scouts are both available. Trains: A recreation of the trains map. More space between trains, easier to get back onto the trains (kind of), and clear definition of where you are killed in the back. The trains are transporting some bizarre cargo. Featuring a system of locking previously chosen arenas. Everything is is locked for three rounds except Arena, which is locked for one round. Random bypasses the locks. Huge thank you to Nyro for help with this idea.