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de_rats - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

De_Rats by RomeoJGuy -------------------- *Thank You for Downloading* This is a port of the de_rats map from CS1.6, but instead of just taking the old map and decompiling it and going from there I built everything by hand. Here is a rundown of the updates: *The window actually has an outside thanks to 3d skyboxes. *The fridge recieved upgrades of snowy and displacement mapped ground. *The Water is updated to CSS standards. *All objects are physicsable meaning lots of different interesting kills *Clock can be shot off the wall and smash you. *Added more sponges to the sponge tub to allow for fights on there. *Updated the bug spray with new source effects. *Oven uses new source heat wave effects and is now accessible in the oven. (It requires a master jumper, and will hurt you to get there) *Cabinet has been upgraded with new items like a box of nails and a marble trap. I am sure you will enjoy. I know the pre-sdk people have. Thanks. HOW TO INSTALL: Place the folders into your xxx\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\usernameXXX\counter-strike source\cstrike\ The materials folder contains the necessary material files. The maps folder contains the de_rats.bsp Enjoy =) | |
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    Original and nice :D
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    DmN means DiaMoNd
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    **Pros:** - Nostalgic - Aesthetic - Exemplary **Cons:** - There is nothing in the Rats series of custom maps that can compare to this, as this is just a near-flawless map **Improvements:** - More of a suggestion than an improvement, add more secrets and shortcuts :D (if you can edit maps) **Notes:** - I get a very specific nostalgic feeling when playing on this map :) - Possibly provide a sequel release to this classic map from the creator when it is released - How is CS:S even able to handle this map? It's freaking huge!
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  • what a great map !!
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    A 9 Years old map... looks cool :D
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    Moderate Editor.
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    FUCK, bots can't play this map :(
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    Cool map!
    Level Designer
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    I Can't play in this Map, why? My Version is
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    I like this map!
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    <3 Angel Beats!
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  • I am working in the Navigation Meshes from this MAP :)
    |EC|Maj. Speirs
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    I like the Van Gogh picture on the wall :). It's a very cool map, but it's too dark compared to the original, and also, in the original, everything looks flash and new, but in this, everything is old and worn out. Maybe you should upload another one for those who want the original style, but I pretty much like the new design of it.
    "One shot, one kill."
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