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BazookaTooth's HL2 FX Pack - A Mod for Half-Life 2.

BazookaTooth's HL² FX Pack


  • New explosions
  • New muzzle flashes
  • New smoke
  • New sparks
  • New water splashes

If you wish to use these sprites in your mod, or re-release them in any sort of pack, please contact me. Enjoy!
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    panzer1b Joined 14y ago
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    Great, i like explosions and especially water effects, stock water splashes look so fake, also sparks make me jus want to shoot at metal whenever i can find an ammo crate. as for muzzle flashes i dislike how big they are in valve games, actually css's ones ain't to bad, but i made my own so that i can have more realism. overall i think this is great pack for those who like certain aspects changed. and about bad sparks, i say look at how thick and bad valve's are! i say these are much thinner an nicer!
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    Shirk Joined 14y ago
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  • Ineedascotch avatar
    Ineedascotch Joined 15y ago
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    Wow All I have to say is Wow This is an absolutely AMAZING pack!! It really is! I LOVE the water effects, they are sooo much better than the original, and the water explosion is flawless! I loved the other effects, but the water truly stands out. It feels like you could have improved the explosion and muzzle flash though, they seem slightly boring (especially the explosion) and the muzzle flash looks a bit too much like the default (if you had used your older flash it would have been better) Also, the sparks are also far too much like the defaults, if you had made the sparks thinner and squiggilyer then it would have stood out more. Otherwise, great work!! I can tell a lot of work was put into this pack!
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