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No Late Teacher (Mrs. Pomp) Anim8or Model V4 - A 3D Model


Version 4.0 7mo
  • Improvement Replaced the old shoe mesh with thudners (sorry thudner!!!)
  • Tweak Remade some of the textures
  • Improvement Remade the curls from scratch again
  • Addition Added a camera angle for an ingame sprite (in scene mode)
And that's pretty much it! I mean all this character is, is just a head in a shoe. How can I make a super big changelog for that?!

Model Version 3 1y Improvement6 Adjustment3 Tweak Model Version 2 1y BugFix Improvement3 Adjustment2 Overhaul Tweak2
This is a model for Anim8or. It's a recreation of Mrs. Pomp from Baldi's Basics Plus. This is the 3rd version of the model, as for optimization purposes I've no longer included alts for the models, you now have to make alts yourself (do NOT redistribute those alts ANYWHERE). This version of the model has much cleaner meshes (well.. they should be clean). It comes with a better shoe and a new head mesh, Better textures for things like the eyes and cheeks, and a better nose, mouth, eyebrows as well as hair curls (which I've made 100% from scratch in this update, no plugins needed at all!) This model should be used very wisely, no claiming at all that this is your model if you do use it for any roblox game or... any youtube thumbnail, let alone game sprites. You need to credit me if you use the model... PERIOD!!!

Do not steal meshes at all.

No stealing credit.

No NSFW should be made with this model.

If textures aren't loading hopefully you know how to manually apply them, otherwise tell me.

NOTE: No read me comes with this model at all in this update. :P

Key improvements will mainly go to the shoe if it is not neat enough. For V4 I might include morph target alts. Depending on if I actually save the model before I do. You can make morph targets though, if you wanna animate with this model. I would like to see what you come up with!
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