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Updates : Luffaren

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V4 2y ze_crazykart_v4
  • - optimized a lot/fixed possible crash issues
  • - added a star hunter mode, a random player (biased towards the top of the scoreboard) gets an infinite star for normal race stages
  • - added normal-map + phong for the kart+fzero kart models (improved visuals)
  • - set the default weapon to just a glock+knife (can be modified in the .nut config)
  • - improved the thwomp start rate, now they move more randomly relative to eachother
  • - fixed f-zero chargepad hardcode-resetting to 100hp even if the max-health is set above 100
  • - added f-zero .nut config to ignore wall-touch-damage (disabled by default)
  • - added .nut config to allow T's to win at the lasers/ending as well (useful for non-ze servers)
  • - added .nut config to allow T's to join the bossfight (useful for non-ze servers)
  • - added .nut config to allow/disallow PVP damage
  • - reduced the default blue-shell spawn chance
  • - improved the teleport-back-to-checkpoint when you fall down (if enabled), it now sets you back to a closer location (thanks to Wesker for this)
  • - improved the weapon-restriction .nut config, now it allows you to set more variants of restrictions, including a special filter for the finale
  • - added Mojonero to the VIP for troubleshooting/finding out a lot about the string-table crashes
  • - updated the patron list
V3 was meant to be the final version, though it turns out that some things were heavily unoptimized/were prone to crashes in certain environments.

In V4 that should be all fixed.

I also threw in a StarHunter mode, some general fixes/improvements and more .nut config options.
A handful of the config options will make the map more configurable for non-ze servers as well.

Have fun!
V3 3y ze_crazykart_v4 V2 3y ze_crazykart_v4 V1 3y ze_crazykart_v4 B5 3y ze_crazykart_v4 B4 3y ze_crazykart_v4 V3 4y ze_eternal_grove_v3 V2 4y ze_eternal_grove_v3 V9 4y ze_pizzatime_v9 V8 4y ze_pizzatime_v9 V7 4y ze_pizzatime_v9 B3 4y ze_drakelord_castle_b3 V6 4y ze_pizzatime_v9 B2 4y ze_drakelord_castle_b3 V5 4y ze_pizzatime_v9 P1_7 4y ze_castlevania_p1_7 P1_6 4y ze_castlevania_p1_7 P1_5 4y ze_castlevania_p1_7 P1_4 4y ze_castlevania_p1_7 P1_3 4y ze_castlevania_p1_7