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Updates : Potassium Birb

Post-Update 2: The Scream Fortress Speical 27d Main Menu Characters Overhaul
  • Addition Added 36 New Scream Fortress Mercenaries Portraits!
  • Addition Added 3 Boss Portraits
  • Addition Added 7 Other Halloween-Related Portraits
  • Addition Added 2 Bonus Portraits (Find out who they are!)
  • Addition Introduced a new addon: Original Halloween Characters Pack
  • Adjustment Resized All Engineer, Sniper, and Spy Portraits
  • BugFix Fixed errors in script
  • Improvement Add more info on editing the script in README.txt
  • Removal Removed the vpk files...for good this time
  • Addition Updated Author credits and added what programs I use
Well Hello again! It's me Potassium again and we are in the month of spookiest event in TF2, Scream Fortress! Even though Scream Fortress 2021 hasn't arrived yet (at least as I'm writing this), it doesn't stop from releasing the biggest update this pack ever got! Now, let me show you the biggest points in this update!

1. The Mercenaries
For Scream Fortress, I have made all 36 portraits of the Mercenaries in costumes mostly different from each others.
All of them have in their own poses, doing their own thing related to what they're wearing, and have different colored lighting based on overall color theme of the year they were introduced. 

2. Reworked Portraits
Although I always tend to be accurate to the original portraits as possible, I don't like how all of 2013 Mercenaries and some of 2014 either don't use the costume sets, making it inconsistent with the other portraits or just doesn't have enough cosmetics, so I give them a new looks! If you prefer the original portraits, then I have made a addon that changed them back into the original.

3. Bosses and Others
All of your favorite characters from Scream Fortress are here! We got Merasmus, MONOCULUS, The Horseless Headless Horseman, and many others that will fill your pants with doo-doo!

I would like to mention that the reason that I removed the vpk files is because the folder in literally got more than twice as big and I don't want any mod conflicts! 

ALSO REALLY IMPORTANT TO NOTE. I don't why, but the non-Halloween portraits sometimes would appear on Full Moon and Halloween events. So if you are bother by that, then use the other folder with "Main Menu Addon- Original Halloween Characters"

That's all what I want to say, but expect something during December! As of now, I'll see ya then!
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