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Because I am bored. I will try to keep this short. I like: Tool Buckethead Dream Theater Modest Mouse ... Th...
I need music Help Closed GB - GameBanana 12y 1.8k 3 12y
Last Replier
will pay 4 achievement :(. I really want to get this last damn achievement for Left 4 Dead. I only have that last one to do, bu...
Help with Slippery Pull (360 version) Help Closed L4D - Left 4 Dead 13y 1.8k 5 -
will give points 4 code :*(. I really want the L4D2 demo :( But sadly, it wasn't offered in my town because I don't have a gamest...
Looking for 360 Demo code Other/Misc Closed L4D2 - Left 4 Dead 2 13y 1.9k 1 -
anyone with all the Dolls please come here. I was wondering if anyone would give me all the 6 hero dolls in Fable II. I'll give you all of my po...
Fable II help Games & Servers Closed Unanswered GB - GameBanana 13y 1.7k -
Goddamnit. I need advice on how to beat Blood Harvest on Expert, offline co-op. is there any concrete method to...
Blood Harvest Expert :( Help Closed L4D - Left 4 Dead 14y 2.0k 8 -
Fuck yeah. OMG Yeah I'm 16 today. If I still seem young, imagine when I first joined. (I was 12 D:) I'm n...
Birthday General Discussion Closed GB - GameBanana 14y 1.2k 8 -
To the ep1 engine? (help). It's been nearly a year since I've tried compiling a few models, and I've forgotten how to convert m...
Porting Ep2 engine models Help & Support Closed HL2 - Half-Life 2 14y 2.2k 5 -
'Cause I need some advice.. I need help dealing with my anger. I can't control it in some cases, and I'd like some help with thi...
How do you deal with anger? General Discussion Closed GB - GameBanana 14y 10.7k 147 -
I don't see the point in having the Anonymous feature when rating skins, sprays, etc... All it does ...
Anonymous - Is This Necessary? Bash The Banana [CLOSED] USE IDEAS/BUGS SECTION Closed GB - GameBanana 14y 1.5k 15 -
Boom. I finally exploded in anger today, and I need some advice for getting things off of my mind. I don't...
Need some help... Yourself Closed GB - GameBanana 14y 1.9k 26 -
Probably the most surprising thing I've ever seen Nintendo do..
Why Nintendo Rocks Games & Servers Closed GB - GameBanana 14y 1 1.7k 6 -
Also known as "Large Hard-on".. Anyone else hear about this? The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a particle accelerator of the Eu...
The Large Hadron Collider General Discussion Closed GB - GameBanana 15y 2.4k 28 -
This is unfair. I'm trying to get all of the achievements for Bioshock, and one of the ones I have left is Brass Bal...
Brass Balls Other/Misc Closed BS - BioShock
15y 3.6k 7 -
Can we do it?. Wrong section? damn. I keep seeing links and stuff saying we can port from Halo. are we allowed t...
Porting from Halo? General Discussion Closed GB - GameBanana 15y 2.1k 4 -
Sounds weird I know, but it's surprisingly funny when you do it.
My Facebook Stalking experience General Discussion Closed GB - GameBanana 15y 1.6k 11 -
An interesting (and scary as shit) thing with nintendo..
Totaka's Song Games & Servers Closed Unanswered GB - GameBanana 15y 2.0k -
Jesus this shit is ass. I'm trying to get the last 2 achievements I have which are campaign complete Heroic and Legendary, a...
Can someone help me with Halo? Games & Servers Closed GB - GameBanana 15y 1.5k 6 -
Help me use google effectively. My birthday was yesterday and I got 60 bucks from my older sister, and I was wondering. how much are...
How much are capture cards? Tech Forum Closed GB - GameBanana 15y 979 1 -
Basically I want to record movies with my SD card, but I'm honestly not sure how to do that. any hel...
Can I record with an SD card? Tech Forum Closed GB - GameBanana 15y 1.5k 5 -
Help. I'm currently trying to convert a model from the ep2 engine to the ep1 engine, but with no luck. I c...
Can't decompile models Customization Closed TF2 - Team Fortress 2 15y 2.4k 10 -

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