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Questions : An_average_sonic_fan

how to edit them?!?!. I want to edit them to make them easy because I suck at them. How do I do it....
Can you edit special stage layouts? Other/Misc Solved S3AIR - Sonic 3 A.I.R. 11d 1 195 4
Character select plus moment. How could I get Character select plus to load two custom icons and not one, because I wan't to play ...
how multiple modded character icons for ChS+ ? Other/Misc Solved SA2 - Sonic Adventure 2 1mo 231 2
wait i wanna play the game!!1!.  it freezes instantly and Idk how to fix it so please help me (mod order =
can't open the game Other/Misc Solved SA2 - Sonic Adventure 2 1mo 337 3
Help!!!11!!1. I have no idea on how to setup the improvement mod, but it makes the game look so much more fun. So ...
How do you setup Improvement Mod? Other/Misc Answered SLW - Sonic Lost World 4mo 458 3
Help!!!11!!1. I use the physics swap mod for heroes physics, but it makes the snowboard painfully slow, and thus I...
Any way to disable the snowboard Other/Misc Solved SA2 - Sonic Adventure 2 4mo 523 2
You, please help me!. How on earth do you mod this game, I'm good at modding steam games but this is a first for me and I ...
How??!?!?1!! Questions Solved ShTH - Shadow The Hedgehog 4mo 1 425 1
Pls help me. How do I get my steam save file into the decomp?...
Save switching Other/Misc Solved SCD - Sonic CD (2011) 5mo 155 1
Might sound dumb but.... What does "homing attack on boost" do?...
A "cheat code" question Other/Misc Solved Gens - Sonic Generations 5mo 406 2
Please tell if there is one.. I want to make and unoriginal sonic with shadow colors mod, but I don't know how to change textures....
Is there and easy way to mod textures? Other/Misc Solved Gens - Sonic Generations 5mo 281 4
Do you know why?. Alright, I know that this happens to basely everyone but... when my save got corrupted a 2nd time it...
Save corruption Other/Misc Unanswered Gens - Sonic Generations 5mo 385

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