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Questions : Blur of Blue

So im having a problem that when i replace the games sprites with the Sonic mod, it doesn't go past ...
game won't launch with Sonic mod Other/Misc Among Us - Among Us
Among Us
2y 819 5
So my game crashes when i try to play it, it says that "the detected configuration does not mach you...
Game can't run... at all Problem Gens - Sonic Generations 2y 2 6.6k 10
so there is apparently a new version of Srb2, its 107th version...and now i think this is an error a...
Help with online play? Problem SRB2 - Sonic Robo Blast 2 2y 1.1k 11
sonikku. So i never remembered getting an Unleash port to PC but i would love to play it! also! show me where...
where do i get this game on my PC? Other/Misc SUHD - Sonic Unleashed (X360/PS3) 2y 1 1.8k 9
sonikku 1 is almost here. How do i make an EMIP file? im making my final version of the sonic 3 mod right now. and i have no i...
how do i make an EMIP file using the extractor? Modding Help Among Us - Among Us
Among Us
2y 810 3
so uh.. what is the sprite sheet called that reveals your role (impostor, crewmate) because imma jus...
Help with revealing role sheet Modding Help Among Us - Among Us
Among Us
2y 871 6
senic snoc sanic sownoc & toils tail takls bails cails.
does this mod exist? Other/Misc SFCS - Sonic Forces 2y 864 1
im not a dumb ass, my computer is. my stupid anti-virus will not let me execute SRB2win under ANY circumstances, it just says"Windows c...
Dumbass machine won't let me play 2.2.8 Other/Misc SRB2 - Sonic Robo Blast 2 2y 892 4
a Dumbass for a dumbass computer. My stupid PC can now run games that have good graphics, and now i cant run generations... the game s...
Game crashes when i play with mods Problem Gens - Sonic Generations 2y 1 932 5
no mod= me sad. Because there is no mod loader that i see, how do i mod this game? i wan Classic senic...
How do I Load Mods Other/Misc MK8 - Mario Kart 8 2y 956 3
No Mod loader= no mods= me sad. because this game doesn't have a Mod manager, How do I mod this game?i have had previous experience ...
How to mod this game? Other/Misc SCD - Sonic CD (2011) 2y 1 1.2k 4
dumb models dont work. I have been trying for weeks and nothing... can someone help me with Logans Low-Poly Models for Kart...
Help With Models Other/Misc SRB2K - Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart 2y 905 1
wheres this mods download?. I know there is a Classic in SLW mod out there but have never found the mod download. If anyone has ...
Classic Sonic? Other/Misc SLW - Sonic Lost World 3y 3 2.8k 3
i cant play the game. When i start up a version of sonic world 7 and higher, it says quote "Memory Access Violation" i wou...
Memory access violation, help Other/Misc SW - Sonic World 3y 621 2
Help me i need sprite editor. For the mods that i have downloaded like the Modernized Sonic mod, I wanted to edit something for th...
What Is A Good Sprite Editor? Other/Misc. S3AIR - Sonic 3 A.I.R. 3y 1 657 4

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