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Questions : BurritoBoi

Hi, I was snooping around the OF files, and noticed that all of the 9 TF2 mercs have a custom textur...
All-Class Deathmatch Other/Misc Solved OF - Open Fortress 11mo 617 3
Oh hey, its me again. Hi me!. Does TF2C come with its own installation of Hammer, or does it use Live TF2s Hammer Editor? I'd like...
Hammer Editing Other/Misc Solved TF2Classic - Team Fortress 2 Classic 12mo 500 5
I just noticed the GameBanana icon changed. Is this just a better look for the GB page or is it the ...
Icon Change Other/Misc Solved S3AIR - Sonic 3 A.I.R. 1y 1 494 5
what. Im making a Boyfriend skin, and I import the bfChristmas.png file into my GIMP, and... all of the bl...
bfChristmas.png Skinning Answered FNF - Friday Night Funkin' 1y 449 7
Im currently making a really... really big soundmod based off of the Super Mario Bros. NES soun...
What is medigun_heal_di
Weapon Solved
TF2 - Team Fortress 2 1y 481 3
How do I exit the Fail-Safe mode? Its simply just for seeing the filters and scanlines in action, if...
Fail-Safe Exit Other/Misc Answered S3AIR - Sonic 3 A.I.R. 2y 1 351 3
Is it possible to condense a skin file (.bmp) to exactly 18 kilobytes? Im attempting to add my OC, J...
Skin Condenser Other/Misc Solved SMWar - Super Mario War 2y 497 4
Ive tried to install this sourcemod alot. ...Alot alot. Every single time, its gotten to 0.2 GB, if ...
Network Error? Other/Misc Solved TF2Classic - Team Fortress 2 Classic 2y 1.1k 3
Im trying to create a Sonic skin, and I dont know how you are able to seperate the "jump" animation ...
Seperate Jumping and Falling sprites Skins Solved SB - Sonic Boll 2y 583 6
How can Sonic Boll read .lemon.png files, and turn them into complete actual levels? This has confus...
How do lemon files work? Level Packs/Editing Solved SB - Sonic Boll 2y 813 3
AAAAAAAA. Can you go past the limit of the 6 "ori" characters? I want to know how, as just adding another char...
A small question regarding skins. Other/Misc Closed Solved SW - Sonic World 2y 750 1

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