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Questions : ssfcgaslsgo

even blender cant do it for a reason i think this ABC files diffrent then othersbtw if any one found...
a way to import ABC format to goldsrc Modelling Unanswered HL - Half-Life 10mo 287
i used dtxbmp tool to extract them but didnt work 100% some textures wont extract so need tool bette...
dxt format to bmp or png or dds Other/Misc Answered GoldSrc - Goldsource Engine 10mo 279 1
i need a tool better then (dtxbmp) to extract textures from GOanyone can help?...
best tool to extract dxt texture format Modelling Answered HL - Half-Life 10mo 1 357 6
well i have 4 days free this weak becouse of aid alfitr so  istarted this new project i will po...
spoiling and rigging ported models Other/Misc Answered HL - Half-Life 1y 265 1
how the vguis of cs xbox player skins look like ?and they have it or no?and if yes how to get it?...
cs xbox player skins vguis Other/Misc Answered CS1.6 - Counter-Strike 1.6 2y 437 1
how to fix the color team in my model after i upscale it?plz help me...
fix the color team bug after upscalling model Other/Misc Closed Solved HL - Half-Life 2y 540 17
guys why i cant find counter strikeneo any where i need all this game characters plz help mealso i w...
cs neo characters!! Skins Solved CS1.6 - Counter-Strike 1.6 2y 510 4
this tile i want who can help me i want to cscz models for hl1 but allways this happen how to f...
guys help!!!!!!!!!!!
Other/Misc Answered
HL - Half-Life 2y 1 416 15
just tell me guys how to fix this?
cs to hl1 Other/Misc Answered GoldSrc - Goldsource Engine 2y 409 4
i ported sas from csgo the questionwhat i should do to make it player model for hl1?all steps p...
help with something Other/Misc Answered HL - Half-Life 2y 329 12
how to combine head in body i want to fix my last model please help methe model https://gameban...
simple question Other/Misc Answered HL - Half-Life 2y 368 11
my question simple how to change player model cs1.6 to player model for hl1 please answer this ...
counter-strike to half life 1 Other/Misc Answered HL - Half-Life 2y 1 529 11
hi guys my question is how to edit a model with many textures i mean one model many skins like this ...
many textures for one model Other/Misc Solved HL - Half-Life 2y 618 9
i want progremme not decompile or compile mdl filei want progremme for smd files in hl1 and his mods...
what progremme i should use to compile model smd Other/Misc Solved HL - Half-Life 2y 1 782 14
any idea. what i should do to change female assassin (hassassin) to player model for half life 1with milkshape...
change hassassin into player model Other/Misc Answered HL - Half-Life 2y 1 855 5

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