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Questions : mvp13

Title. The Hedge Mod manager codes for Enable Lives in Story mode, and Disable drop drash have been ...
Why are codes getting deleted? Mod Loader Help Solved SO - Sonic Origins 4d 1.0k 2
So, everyone and their brother's mother's grandma goes around on this site about how much better the...
Dreamcast Shadow model issue Other/Misc Solved SA2 - Sonic Adventure 2 4mo 1 633 4
Title might be somewhat "misleading", but... I'm trying to use this mod, the Full Story mod...Sonic ...
What is Mechless Tails referred to in certain code Other/Misc Solved SA2 - Sonic Adventure 2 5mo 352 6
I'm working on my first mod here, and I have split the model/animation files I wanted to work on and...
How do I go back to .PRS? Other/Misc Solved SA2 - Sonic Adventure 2 5mo 1 206 2
Hi all, I hope you don't mind my asking. There are just way too many Unleashed mods that all seem to...
Is this all I need for Unleashed? Other/Misc Solved Gens - Sonic Generations 9mo 1 936 8
I'm not exactly sure when this started or what happened, but selecting Tikal or Chaos 0 in Character...
Tikal and Chaos 0 broken? Other/Misc Solved SA2 - Sonic Adventure 2 10mo 638 7
I see this tutorial here: How to place multiple Mods on one ROM [Sonic Battle] [Tutorials] (gam...
Multiple mods question Other/Misc Solved SB - Sonic Battle 11mo 506 2
Hello, I was wondering if there's any settings that can improve the massive stuttering with explosio...
Massive stuttering with explosions? Questions Closed Solved ShTH - Shadow The Hedgehog 1y 2 808 3
Hi guys, I hope this won't come off as rude or annoying. But I was curious if an official mod loader...
Is a mod loader still on the way? Game Question Solved S1 2013 - Sonic the Hedgehog (2013) 1y 2 872 5
Hello, I'm looking for information on what file names are the 1-up icons in game (as in, the icons i...
What file are the 1-up icons in game? Texture Edit Solved SADX - Sonic Adventure DX 2y 1 511 5
EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out. You gotta export the .MST first, then edit the .XML in notepad, ...
How to properly edit/save .MST files? Other/Misc Closed Unanswered Sonic '06 - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) 2y 1 768
Hi guys, I'm sorry for the boring technical question here, but I made a mistake. I had the game up a...
Xenia issues after update Other/Misc Solved Sonic '06 - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) 2y 2.7k 2

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