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Ideas : Eugene

Currently, the flags for the embassies are out of wack and they just don't fit. I purpose a simple f...
Relocate Emabassy Flags Addressed access_time 6y remove_red_eye 796 mode_comment 3
Currently, the font is the same color as the text that you would type in the search field. I believe...
Change the color of the search e.g font. Addressed access_time 6y remove_red_eye 870 mode_comment 1
Contest submissions shouldn't be allowed to be open for GBX. I don't know what else to say... poo...
No GBX on Contest Submissions Won't Address access_time 6y remove_red_eye 883 mode_comment 10
Have the option to put a time on your submission. This way, you can release a specific submission on...
Timed Submission Duplicate access_time 6y remove_red_eye 1.6k mode_comment 11
Subfeed Unused Space
Subfeed Unused Space Won't Address access_time 6y remove_red_eye 740 mode_comment 3
Long story short. Pay an X amount of points to have your submissions appear on the side feed of the ...
Bump Submissions for Points Duplicate access_time 6y remove_red_eye 825 mode_comment 7
When it's your accounts birthday, you receive double the points for posts, submissions, etc....
Account Celebration access_time 7y remove_red_eye 1.1k mode_comment 6
Long story short. Active Staff members at the top of the list. Un-active ones at the bottom. Each st...
Staff Order Addressed access_time 7y remove_red_eye 950 mode_comment 1
Since my life doesn't revolve around featuring submissions on the front page, I've come up with an i...
Feature Suggestion access_time 7y remove_red_eye 791 mode_comment 3
I believe that a feature that lets members vote on a specific feature would help out the overall sec...
Member Review Ratings Cannot Address access_time 7y remove_red_eye 1.9k mode_comment 4
Instead of posting topics on the Forums, have a section dedicated to people who want to buy and or s...
[Unlock Idea] Point Market Addressed access_time 7y remove_red_eye 3.1k mode_comment 2
Frontpage Redesign
Frontpage Redesign access_time 7y remove_red_eye 4.7k mode_comment 7
Awards of the Year. Based on the amount of awards a member gets through out the months they are ille...
Awards of the Year access_time 7y remove_red_eye 2.5k mode_comment 5
When a submission gets featured on the front page, the submitter of that submission will receive an ...
Bonus Feature Points Addressed access_time 7y remove_red_eye 8.1k mode_comment 14
Being able to vote for what you want to see as a feature..
Features suggestions. access_time 7y remove_red_eye 6.1k mode_comment 2

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