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Ideas : tom

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Kill the view mode switcher
Kill the view mode switcher Addressed access_time 2mo remove_red_eye 380 mode_comment 19
Thread question mode
Thread question mode Addressed access_time 8mo remove_red_eye 384 mode_comment 8
Shares Section
Shares Section access_time 10mo remove_red_eye 382 mode_comment 3
As many of you know, the browsing uberstyle has become mostly obsolete now that themes can be instal...
Kill the Browsing Uberstyle Won't Address access_time 10mo remove_red_eye 497 mode_comment 6
Over the years the allowed filesize of screenshots and renders has crept up. Once upon a time it was...
Pre-Upload Image Optimization access_time 1y remove_red_eye 593 mode_comment 5
To address the declining usage of the rating system and the long-running abuse issues inherent to it...
New Rating System Addressed access_time 1y remove_red_eye 1.4k mode_comment 53
Language Support
Language Support Addressed access_time 2y remove_red_eye 957 mode_comment 15
I think we should merge Subscribe/Subscriptions (members, games, studios, etc) and Watch/Watches (su...
Merging watching and subscribing Addressed access_time 2y remove_red_eye 618 mode_comment 3
So, I was thinking of bringing back Ripe (our old paid subscription program). All proceeds from Ripe...
Ripe: The Return Addressed access_time 2y remove_red_eye 985 mode_comment 22
Pop-out Activity Feed on All Pages
Pop-out Activity Feed on All Pages access_time 2y remove_red_eye 750 mode_comment 6
Update types
Update types Addressed access_time 2y remove_red_eye 994 mode_comment 3
I thought we could extend the Requests section and allow the Request submitter to accept a member wh...
Request Takers access_time 3y remove_red_eye 697 mode_comment 3
To make the wikis more useful and to differentiate them from sections like Articles, I was thinking ...
Auto-linking in Wikis access_time 3y remove_red_eye 552 mode_comment 3
I was just thinking about how the table of contents unlock should really be a standard feature, but ...
Medals that unlock Unlocks Addressed access_time 3y remove_red_eye 849 mode_comment 8
So, I was thinking of bringing back Ripe (our old subscription program). For $15, you get the follow...
Bring back paid Ripe Addressed access_time 3y remove_red_eye 757 mode_comment 9 star
As you may know the age medals have a bonus which modifies how many points you receive when you retu...
Medal Bonus Modifiers access_time 4y remove_red_eye 817 mode_comment 11 star
I would love to see our social pages automatically updated each day with tweets and updates using ou...
API-powered Tweets & FB Updates access_time 4y remove_red_eye 633 mode_comment 3
I read an article yesterday on the rise of automated video on news sites, where they feed some image...
Automatic submission video access_time 4y remove_red_eye 745 mode_comment 9
There is probably a word for this, but a jump exists between registering and becoming a regular memb...
New members are auto-subscribed to last month's award winners access_time 4y remove_red_eye 697 mode_comment 10
Houses access_time 4y remove_red_eye 821 mode_comment 8

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