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Blogs : YellowJello

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Best Apocalypse Delivery Guy Simulator Ever
Best Apocalypse Delivery Guy Simulator Ever Other/Misc DS - Death Stranding 4mo 1 716 4
Steam Grid Custom Artwork Dump
Steam Grid Custom Artwork Dump Other/Misc Steam - Steam
8mo 5mo 8 3.6k 8
I know I'm a bit late but... PARTY ONCE MORE!...
17,000!!! General GB - GameBanana 10y 12.6k 1
16,000 POSTS!!!! General GB - GameBanana 12y 559 2
It's now snowing on my profile! :)...
It's Snowing! General GB - GameBanana 12y 559 1
15,000 POSTS!!!!! General GB - GameBanana 12y 429 2
I just found this flash video on, and I thought it was kinda interesting. Share your op...
Spiricom General GB - GameBanana 12y 402
I added a new song to my playlist!...
New Song General GB - GameBanana 12y 355 1
2,000 Profile Comments! General GB - GameBanana 12y 805 7
So my brother has let me take his 360 for a little while and so far I haven't had too many problems...
360 and Me General GB - GameBanana 12y 373 1
I've added five songs from Twisted Metal: Black to my playlist....
Five New Songs General GB - GameBanana 12y 425
It had gotten to the point where Chloe could barely lift her head or even move from the place that s...
My Cat Chloe (1994 - 2008) General GB - GameBanana 12y 985 8
Today I finish up my final and then I'm all done with high school, I receive my diploma in a few wee...
Last Day of High School General GB - GameBanana 12y 628 4
I've finally turned 18, and I couldn't be happier. To the strip clubs I go!...
At Last, 18 General GB - GameBanana 12y 549 4
I've submitted a walkthrough for the first mission of Hitman: Contracts, check it out! http://www...
New Walkthrough General GB - GameBanana 12y 472
This morning I woke up fairly early to take my cat, Chloe, to the vet, we had been noticing somethin...
My Cat Chloe General GB - GameBanana 12y 733 10
Finally, I finished my uberstyle. Now my tbar is rid of that big ugly text! :D...
Uberstyle Completed! General GB - GameBanana 12y 324
I was playing around with ImageReady for a long ass time today, and I figured out how to make that t...
New tBar General GB - GameBanana 12y 389 4
I finished my layout, now go be happy. :)...
Layout Finished General GB - GameBanana 13y 279
I can't stand having to scroll down for ten minutes on my profile to get to some of my modules, so I...
Changing My Layout General GB - GameBanana 13y 283 1

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