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    QUOTE FROM 'STROKE' "I have a little beef with your criticisms on my map citybank. First off, well where are these areas ive missed with player clip or nodraw. The purpose of releasing a beta is that hopefully players will report bugs you dont find on your own. Second, the staircase leads to the elevators, which are for the upper stories of whatever may lie in that skyscraper (offices, ect) and also provide higher ground for players to shoot down into the lobby. The sewer, alright, i didnt think players may want to come back up as it was meant to be an alternate route for cts to flank T's in the lobby or attempt the back door of the bank. I also hoped firefights would take place in my favorite part of the map, the subway. I should change that. All I'm saying is i thought i put a ton more thought and worked things out a lot more then 95% of the other craptastic, thrown together maps out there, and thats the only reason i had beef with your criticism of the layout. If anyone were to play this map on a server with, say, 12+ people, i think the layout would really shine. Unfortunantly, 75% of the servers still playing f'in Dust 2. it'll never happen. Just hope that when i apply for jobs, the scouts will see the thought process that goes into my maps. Thus why your attack on my layout kinda cuts a little and I'd like to hear more of why you thought it was poorly done." basically "Have a problem with my rating? Delete it" Don't send me 2 paragraphs about how much you like your map. End of story.
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    I have never stolen a map. Please tell me the map name and make sure your reading the AUTHOR section not who its submitted by! And i submited it before you did sir! look Read the author section, It has your name!
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