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|WS|*Nikon Ubercharger
Fixer,skin searcher and upload

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  • Submitted 100 Skins
    Submitted 100 Skins
  • Submitted 50 Skins
    Submitted 50 Skins
  • Submitted 10 Skins
    Submitted 10 Skins

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    Any Update? New Posts?
  • 6y
    hey can you make tf2 crosshair for tfc please please replay?!!
  • 6y
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    I don't think the TF2 Look a like Medic skin actually looks like the Medic. I edited it in Wally, and it looks a lot more like the Medic now. I can give you the file if you want, just PM me.

    ![](http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6027/5938586555_1a20c94439.jpg "")
  • 6y
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    can you make anim for this? http://www.ziddu.com/download/15056760/anim_needed.rar.html
  • 7y
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    You know that fpsb don`t work on "Find teh nice skin and upload here without author permission and steal credits lolool". In one of your skins there was an link to the site where you was stealing skins. Really good job and keep it up so you can get reward (BAN).
  • 7y
    HappyEagle avatar
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    Hello,Nikon i want to tell me how to do one teh. bigger if you can
    съжелявам за лошия англииски но аз уча Германски
  • 8y
    fahron avatar
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    Can you make some cool skin for tfc i want you make a tf2 rocket launcher for tfc i very2 want to fix my tfc to like tf2 !!!!!!
    Edit edit edit .
  • 8y
    Prune avatar
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    Seiriously.Your abusing the skins section,like everyone has said.STOP posting things without proper credits.
  • 8y
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    I think you should go Here before you submit.

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