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    Posted by 1337 Rizzo Next time, don't include all your other custom models, cause they replaced mine without me knowing it...
    What are you talking about? :S
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    Quote - OH SNAP SON! credit theft first of all you got to look at the credits before you say that, i said the model was by op4 redux team, i just "RETEXTURED" get that through your head ok??? read this, i gave the op4 redux team credit!!! Author(s): Models and anims: Op4 redux team Retexturing: me :) Are you an author of this submission? Request control from Snark God HL > Sven-Coop Added by Snark God Independent Release Texture: Reskin - submission is a reskinning of a pre-existing skin. Model: Custom Model - skin uses a pre-existing custom model. Author's Readme/Notes: i just retextured the redux npc models that op4 redux team created to match the original hgrunt skins, thats it, other models coming soon.
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    Dealing with the living, the d
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    Thanks for your donation.
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    Revenge of the ocean.
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    Posted by 1337 Rizzo
    Posted by Mr. Colt NO, I believe the Rebels are russian though, I mean they all have russian weapons except SAS and Navy SEALs, and theres already a one for MEC, look for it.
    Umm...A couple dozen countries use russian weapons...
    Dude stfu, we aren't talking about real life dumbass.
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