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    In reply to problem demoman dicebomb: Do you play on the same server (or series of servers) all the time? If yes, chances are the server you play on have sv_pure on and they haven't updated their whitelist to ignore the custom model and use the original model located in the prepackaged file. If its not that then try reinstalling.
    Supreme Guy
  • 10y
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    The new Team Fortress 2 Menu is now Released ! ---- GET IT HERE ---- Greetings TNC from Rumpelbude Ups ^^ Corrected
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    Mod it !
  • 10y
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    Ello matey, i made a couple of the changes you suggested to Beach. 2nd exit for lower Red spawn and covered the blue forward spawn, added a couple of crates to trenches but only scouts could use them to get out. give it a try and let me know what you tink
  • 10y
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    Saw ur sig... tf2 doesn't support 100 tick putting -tickrate 100 does nuthing. !!! lool
  • 11y
    I found the problem with the textures! They go into the materials\VGUI\logos folder Just stick the material and texture files into there. I also updated the map's zip file to include this proper file orer. Thank you again for all your support. I suggest you look at this map version from here on out: Especially if you or anyone else wants to customize it in hammer.
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  • 11y
    Posted by crazychicken Where does the vmf file go? maps folder? this map is fugleh at moment - update to tf2 textures would be nice, but it doe splay well like the old map
    The vmf file (VALVe Map File) is for map developers to use if they want to modify the map in Hammer Editor.
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    Pardoned after a year
  • 11y
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    Your avatar = sex :)
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    Guild Wars & Anime Addict
  • 11y
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    MrT1ki Joined 11y ago
    How do u use the ctgife.gif file? when i go into CSS it wont let me see .gif's, so how do i do it? my xfire is torridtiki
  • 12y
    Hey i have a question...for this spray u have of the moving ct shooting its in gif do u change it to vtf. format in order for me to use it?
  • 12y
    Hey, I need ur help! I have created a cs decoy spray, but I used flash player.... It is the wrong file, what program do I use?
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