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I'm ded
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ur mom
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I'm ded
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Saving Private Ryan and 1920: Battle of Warsaw
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Counter Strike, Tekken, Soulcalibur, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Dead or Alive and Minecraft
First Game ever played
Mario and Duck Hunt
Favorite CS Map
cs_backalley, cs_747 and de_survivor
Favorite CS Weapon
AUG and SG552
Favourite female characters
Mila from csn:s, Asuka Kazama from tekken, Taki from SC, Sophitia from SC and Christie Monteiro from Tekken
Favourite male characters
Soap from cod mw, Ghost from cod mw, Roach from cod mw, Price from cod mw and Jin Kazama from tekken

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Opera GX
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Windows 10
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Jed's Half Life Model Viewer
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Gimp, paint.NET, paint and IrfanView
3D Modelling Program
Blender and Milkshape
Video Editing Program
OBS Studio
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Unreal Engine 4


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PS4 Slim
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9
Windows 10



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CS 1.6 Barefeet Skin Pack 8mo Counter-Strike 1.6 icon Problem with crowbar 8mo Counter-Strike 1.6 icon


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    QuickFang Joined 1y ago
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    Hi Mirres... Its me again 

    Sorry for my inactivity...

    ¿can i make an request? Its about CS 1.6 skins...
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    Hi. I'll just let you know that I unwithhelded your Question just because the high quality answers.

    You'll have to fix by yourself your other Questions. Please, read the Site Rules, at least the Question Rules.
    Battle Point Unlimited
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  • QuickFang avatar
    QuickFang Joined 1y ago
    564 points Ranked 53,194th
    hi its me again

    ¿can i make another request?
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    1y 1y
    EDIT 1: Uff, sadly your mod was taken down by a moderator. And my flag wasn't really important on that process anyway. Just avoid mod ideas/mods like that in the future.

    EDIT 2: If you couldn't read the site rules in the mod you've made, here it goes

    Hey and welcome to Gamebanana!

    Seems like you and Segi are the newest newcomers on the CS 1.6 page today so, well, both of you were flagged in your first mod but really don't lose the will to do future mods due to that reason. I suggest you to read the site rules if you didn't, in your first mod's flag section.

    It's pretty much tradition for the new guy to have their first mod flagged due to inexperience or, not reading the site rules or, lack of skill, or something else. I remember back in the day that I used to make some pretty shitty ones. Somehow didn't get flagged though.

    Oh well, enough babbling I'll give you a few hints here.

    Mod Development

    Well since you're new to the, whole modding scene I'd say I guess I can start off by giving you a few software recommendations, let's start with image editing programs.

    People use GIMP, Photoshop, Paint, and other programs but, scratch paint since it's really some of the reasons why the new modders get their mods flagged. I never used gimp so I can't really tell much about it.

    Photoshop on the other hand I'd recommend you get the 2016 version, lots of tools, and more features. I bet gimp is on the same level as photoshop these days.

    If you wanna get your hands dirty in terms of more effort into mods and that is, 3D modelling, I suggest you going with Blender. 

    Blender is a free 3D software that is available on steam, it's not exactly new-user friendly but once you get atleast some hours in it you pretty much know what to do already. of course you have to watch many tutorials for that though.

    Submission Profiles or Mod Pages

    Unlike some new gamebanana members when they make their first mod, you were a different cut here. I didn't saw any improper credits or, useless descriptions, or even "troll thumbnails", well aside from the "lacks any in-game screenshots" problem, be sure to avoid that in the future.

    The way you made your credits section is great enough but if you do want it to be more full, I suggest adding things like screenshots, thumbnail, video preview if you actually record your own mod, and other stuff. it all depends on how you build your submission of course.

    Let me see what else, oh, the technical tab. It's good for putting extra info about your mod and making it easier for users to find your mod, combine it with a great unique thumbnail and you can have the chance of being featured in the gamebanana's homepage.

    Well I guess that's it, good luck!
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    n3rdy MKA shuriken spam
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