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    I uploaded a screenshot of the Everywhere at the End of Funk mod to Wikipedia for use on the EATEOT article itself, to illustrate the mod and stuff. But the mod is under a "Non-commercial, noderivs" CC license (CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0), whereas Wikipedia requires a "default" CC license (CC-BY-SA-4.0) for photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons; the photo is at Commons. And if the mod is not re-licensed soon, the image in the article may be deleted. Can you change the licensing of the mod? I know I sound like a nerd but EATEOT means a lot to me; it really helped me get right with a lot of things in life, and I am in fact the main contributor of the article :) Editing its Wikipedia page is the best way for me to kind of spend my obsession with it somewhere, if that doesn't sound awkward.

    The specific image in question is this one.

    So, if you could change the licensing, that'd be great.

    (edits for clarification)
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  • YOOO no context
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    Can you make Elvis Presley mod for FNF?
    song no.1 Jailhouse Rock
    song no.2 Heartbreak Hotel
    song no.3 Pledging My Love

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    Everywhere At The End Of Funk's new update just makes me sad.
    Megalovania Nerd
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    Hey, just a suggestion for your mod "Everywhere At The End Of Funk", saw in the comments of a video, wanted to share it with you.

    "Honestly, this is untapped potential, as cool as this tutorial looks. I imagine a much more sophisticated mod, where each week is dedicated to an album from EATEOT, and as things progress, so does the decay in performance and the overall looks of the game. Notes are offbeat, the music becomes corrupted and repeats, the characters start to become unrecognizable, and maybe even look concerned. Everything from the names of the songs to the title screen. Hell, week 6 might not even be week 6. It may be something completely unrelated, or simply "?? ? *@%." He could be completely by himself at the end, alone and afraid as he too begins to fade away from existence. There's barely any notes, and the notes he does have to play cause him to struggle and shake, similar to struggling to function with dementia. He can't hold his mic anymore and his whole appearance is just... sickly. All he's doing is shifting his body to the notes. All Boyfriend knows are those notes. Maybe it's even reminiscent of the tutorial music? In all honesty, I would LOVE to make something like this. I would feel like I'm stealing the concept, however, and wouldn't want to get bashed for that!!! Lmao Also sorry if that was a little... dark. I have many batshit crazy ideas in my head."


    What the cast is doing as the BF slowly forgets everything: GF: Trying to comfort him to no avail Daddy Dearest and Mommy Must Murder: Replaced the Doctor and the Nurse, gives him both normal medicine and demonic magic. Skid and Pump: Stays by BF’s side most of the time, playing games and telling Spooky jokes to try and cheer him up. They’re both confused on why the BF keeps forgetting everything. Pico: Trying everything he can to help his old friend. Senpai/Spirit: Somehow managed to escape and is helping the BF by trying to save his memories on a hard drive and ejecting them into him to keep some memories. Lemon Demon: Waiting for BF to perish so he could finally have the BF broth he’s been desiring for years

    Sorry if it was too long, just wanted to share some ideas.
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    Hello! So I've seen and played your Everywhere at the end of time mod for FNF and I really enjoyed it. Though there's only a custom level/chart for the tutorial so I decided to try doing it myself. And it is kind of a mix of both the original track and a track from stage 1 from EATEOT, since the BF is fighting someone unlike in the tutorial, so yeah. Send a response back if you're interested I suppose, and tell me if I can friend you somewhere so I can send the files if interested!
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  • Uh so Im a fnf moder too, and I was wondering if I can make a full version of "The End Of Funkin'" so yeah. Also have a nice day! :)
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