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Nate Anim8

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Nate Anim8
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  • Hello! I just wanted to ask if you could help me chart one of my mods? It's called X Charts and it focuses on remixes and recharts, my charting skill is, well, meh so I just wanted to ask. Have a good day!
    It only hurts if you let it...
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  • can we have the flas to whitty?
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    Atony Joined 11d ago
    Hey there! I'm working on a mod called fnf deluxe that aims to add at the very least 20 more weeks with some original characters and some new characters as well!
    The whitty mod is really awesome, but what i want to do is add it into my mod. alongside that i kinda want to add a remix difficulty into the mix, change the icons to fit with my other mods, and hopefully make the whitty mod feel like a part of a special mode.
    P.S. : i want to add the week in a separate menu alongside other custom weeks
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  • Buenas tardes, días, o noches, quería saber si puedo meter su mod junto a otros mods haciendo un mega mod con todas las semanas mas populares. 

    Y quería saber si me dan permiso de hacer esta idea realidad.

    Obviamente daré créditos a los tres creadores de este mod.

    Y cualquier duda o para aclarar bien las cosas este es mi Twitter: @terror_dt

    Bueno, eso era todo, estaré atento a su respuesta.
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  • Nate, I must inform you about something very serious.
    There's somebody on YouTube who has stolen the entire Whitty Mod soundtrack, and they have used the songs under the "Remastered" name, and they have copyright claimed people for using Ballistic in their videos. This is a big problem for small YouTubers, and could make them lose alot of money because of the claims. Please notify the creator of the Whitty Mod OST.
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    postmates64 Joined 4mo ago
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    could you send a square guide of your gf sprite?
    cool guy
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  • Howdy! I have ported ENA into the vswhitty mod and I would like your permission to upload it to gamebanna, as its a mod of your already existing mod I thought I should ask for permission before uploading, thank you.
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    Yataday Joined 1mo ago
    Hey, I wanted to report a bug I found on the V.S Whitty full week mod. I'm not sure if this is just me, but there seems to be an issue where the game crashes when trying to load a week 3 song (Pico, Philly, and Blammed).
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  • I was wondering if you could create a non-executable version replacing week 1 for the linux people?
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