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Sonic Adventure 2
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2D Painting Program
Paint Tool Sai
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  • Luiz10010 avatar
    Luiz10010 Joined 3mo ago
    172 points Ranked 63,750th
    Your mods is super awesome!!!
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    Shadow Side Joined 4y ago
    SADX Manager
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    Merry Christmas Millow Doe!

    Ultimate Life Form of Modding
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  • Nintendurp avatar
    Nintendurp Joined 5mo ago
    Team Scorched Mania Flag Affiliation: Team Scorched Mania
    473 points Ranked 48,812th
    Your mods are Great!! I think that Ray over Knuckles would go along well with your Mighty over Sonic!
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  • (Coffe) avatar
    (Coffe) Joined 5mo ago
    165 points Ranked 64,514th
    Hello. I have been adding one of your mods into my copy of SA2 recently. But I encountered a problem while trying to download it into the mod manager. I was getting your Raiden Shadow in my game until I seen this "gd_PC" file included with an ".ini" type file. I've tried to drag it over and refresh the manager but an error appears. It's something along the lines of "start index cannot be larger than length of string." It said it was a "unhanded exception." I am very confused as I do not know stuff like this. Can you please reply back and aid this problem? I really need that Raiden Shadow mod for real tho. That's pog. Thank you.
    My pain is indescribable.
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  • Sonic El Erizo avatar
    Sonic El Erizo Joined 8mo ago
    42 points Ranked 72,369th
    Im Sonic & Im Blue avatar
    Im Sonic & Im Blue
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