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  • L3mm0n5 avatar
    L3mm0n5 Joined 10mo ago
    Hi NootNoot! I was disappointed to see you've trashed a bunch of your mario kart 8 mods. I really like your Skull Kid mod and was wondering if you intend to re-upload/rework it. Despite some clipping issues it looks way better than Don_Theo's. Whatever you decide to do I respect your decision as a modder and artist. 
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    I see that you do requests. If you wouldn't mind, could you make a Nuts & Bolts model swap for Banjo & Kazooie by any chance? Ripping models from the original game has been hard from what I can tell, but there is a model for the duo from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing that can be found here.

    (PS: I don't know how difficult editing bones and all that to make it look right is, but I don't want you wearing out over a silly request.)
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    Modboy Dev
    Hey, so you really need to do a second pass of the credits on your submissions, A lot of the time where you've credited a person like "lemurboy12", they didn't create the actual model, but rather just ripped it from the particular game. You'll need to go credit the developer of the game instead for those.
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    Thar be snow.
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    Do you accept requests?
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    Kingdom Thinkers
    you seem like your switching from smash 4  to smash ultimate 

    if you are switching 
    see you in the other side
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  • ChoChoCup avatar
    ChoChoCup Joined 10mo ago
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    hey, if you still have the ichigo mod could i have it please? no worries if you dont
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    Jkontheway Joined 3y ago
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    hello! WHat happened to the dbfz ronald mcdonald mod. I saw it in a video and wanted to download it.

    I hope she made lotsa spagetti
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    Just a quick reminder. Try to rig the mods properly.
    I love those imports but you need to rig those properly and just to be sure, Remove Zero Weights to avoid any bad rigging fsr.
    Don't DM me for stuff
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