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Lord Baldimore

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Lord Baldimore
I quit Baldi modding.
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    As the thread was trashed and it wasn't announced in the profile even after that happened, here's his announcement of him leaving the community:

    "Hey everybody. It's me Lord Baldimore. And yes, you've read the title correctly. I am quitting modding Baldi's Basics. I told you I was "working" on Jeeves' Basics, but I lied. I'm really sorry, I lied to you all. I hope you can forgive me and understand why I hadn't been working it. The reason why I quit is because I lost interest on Baldi modding and moved on to other stuff that interests me, such as making videos and animation. That's all I have to say. Thanks to the people that helped and inspired me to create my (crappy) mods. I hope you enjoy my mods. If not, I can tell why. Goodbye."
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    2y 2y
    Hey dude, you know how you said that there'll probably be a mod of something similar to the abandoned school? Well, I have a better idea. Maybe instead of that, you could make a mod based off The Secret Door where the place is a shed that is based off the room behind The Secret Door. Like, the characters will be all bloody and gutsy. This may seem more like an inspiration from Baldi The Old Lab than Garfelf 2. I'm not forcing you to do this as this is an idea, but I think it's a good idea. Besides, the abandoned school thing has been done to death already
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