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-Dat Mental Gamer-

-Dat Mental Gamer- username pic Joined 5y ago
TFD Manager
DMG Industries Flag Affiliation: DMG Industries
35,390 points Ranked 173rd
37 medals 4 legendary 9 rare
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-Dat Mental Gamer-
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DMG Industries
Smoke Weed (almost) Everyday
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  • November 26, 2017 Join Date

Online Status

Last Seen
5hr @ Home > Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered (PC)Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered (PC) > Mods > Skins > White MCU Stealth Suit


Type Of Modder?
Skin Maker and Archivist (if you don't want me archiving your mod DM me)
First Language
First Game Ever Played
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Vice City (cannot remember)
Favorite Game Genre
Anything where i can kill the enemy stylishly (Action Games Mostly)
Most proud of
The Mods I Have Created
Political stance
I Do Not Care About Political Stuff.
Favorite Gameplay Style
Favorite Marvel Superhero
Iron Man & Spider-Man
Favorite DC Superhero
Batman (Terry McGinnis) & Nightwing
Favorite Batman Costume(s)
Beyond and Nolan Batsuit(s)
Favorite Villian(s)
Bane (Origins) and the Joker (Nolanverse)
Favorite Star Wars Character
Darth Nihilus (Extended Universe) & Din Djarin
Favorite Versions of Spider-Man
TAS (1994), Raimi, Black Suited
Favorite Spider-Man Costume(s)
Spider-Assassin and The Raimi Black Suit
Favorite Smash Fighter
Solid Snake
Favorite Prototype Character
Alex Mercer
FPS Hero
Sonic or Mario
Favorite Movie
John Wick, Kick-Ass, Spider-Man 1-3, Transformers (2007)
Favorite TV Series
Sons Of Anarchy, Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994), Batman Beyond, Regular Show, Transformers Cybertron, Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2007, The Bad Batch
Favorite Game(s)
Far Cry 1-4, Transformers Devastation, Metal Gear Rising + Solid, Resident Evil 4, GTA SA OG, Star Wars: Battlefront II (Classic), Spider-Man Web Of Shadows and Ultimate Spider-Man
Favorite Band(s)
Maniac Agenda, Linkin Park, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Tetsuya Shibata and Disturbed
Favorite CS Weapon
Deagle + M4A1
Favorite CS Map
Dust II
Atheist / Nihilist (thinks all religion is lies and was designed to control people's mind. and everything is meaningless in the long run)
Gamer type
Chaotic Neutral
Video Creation [YouTube + Bitchute]
Coke or Pepsi
Some Other Things i Like.
Weed, Nice/Respectful People, Video Games, Movies, Hot Women, Making Videos and more!
Some Things i Don't Like
People being Rude or Smartasses to me for no reason. Me Failing at anything, Depression, Lack of Motivation due to Set Depression, Loud Noise, Threats
Myself ;)

PC Specs

Intel Core I5-7200U (7th Gen)
Logitech M220 Wireless Mouse

Software Kit

Operating System
Windows 8.1 + Windows 10 (two PC's)
Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox
Video Editing Program
Wondershare Filmora
Audio Editing Program
Wavepad Sound Editor
Browser Plugin
Adblock+ ;)
Miscellaneous Program 1 - Texture Extractor
Miscellaneous Program 2 - Texture Editing Software
Paint.NET + Photoshop

Gaming Devices

PS3 and PS2


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    Received thanks 50 times
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    Returned 5000 times
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    Submitted 500 Mods
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    Reached 25,000 Points
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    4 years a member
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    Submission featured
  • Submitted 250 Mods
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    Submitted 250 Mods
  • Submitted 100 Mods
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    Submitted 100 Mods
  • Submitted 50 Mods
    Rare Medal
    Submitted 50 Mods
  • Submitted 20 Mods
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    Submitted 20 Mods
  • Submitted 15 Mods
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    Submitted 15 Mods
  • Submitted 10 Mods
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    Submitted 10 Mods
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    Submitted 5 Mods
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    Became a Club Leader
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    Reached 10 subscribers
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    Achieved Game Manager clearance
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    5 posts awarded Exemplary Feedback
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    Submitted 5 Maps
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    Returned 1000 times
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    Submitted 5 Gamefiles
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    Reached 7,500 Points
  • Received thanks 5 times
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    Received thanks 5 times
  • Submitted 100 Skins
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    Submitted 100 Skins
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    Thanked 5 submitters
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    Became a Studio Leader
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    Submitted 1 Tool
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    1 post awarded Exemplary Feedback
  • Submitted 50 Skins
    Rare Medal
    Submitted 50 Skins
  • Reached 2,500 Points
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    Reached 2,500 Points
  • Became a Game Pioneer
    Rare Medal
    Became a Game Pioneer
  • Returned 100 times
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    Returned 100 times
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    Reached 1,000 Points
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    Submitted 10 Skins
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    2 years a member
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    1 year a member
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    6 months a member
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    One month a member


35,390 Ranked 173rd Climbed 1 ranks overnight 447 points behind h4mx0r


Studio Leadership


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