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Maybe Dead
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28 medals 1 legendary 10 rare
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my son

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UltIMa647 #9193
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Google Chrom
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Windows 10
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    Submitted 100 Mods
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    Reached 50 subscribers
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    30 submissions featured
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    Received thanks 50 times
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    Submitted 50 Mods
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    Submitted 15 Mods
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    4 years a member
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    Achieved Game Manager clearance
  • Submitted 50 Skins
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    Submitted 50 Skins
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    Reached 10 subscribers
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    Returned 1000 times
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    2 years a member
  • 10 submissions featured
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    10 submissions featured
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    Thanked 5 submitters
  • DBFZ Character Modding Contest Entrant
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    DBFZ Character Modding Contest Entrant
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    Reached 1,000 Points
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    Submission featured
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    Received thanks 5 times
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    Submitted 10 Skins
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    Returned 100 times
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1,567 Ranked 1,232nd Climbed 2 ranks overnight 4,880 points behind Epicwazy
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