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    Silly maps
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    I hate point farmers. avatar
    I hate point farmers.
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    You know, no way how you take it, this is not a map submission by any means. If you ever tried mapping for Source Engine, you'd know that.

    As for the part where you called me stupid, I'd suggest you to not take that tone to me or any normal member of the site unless you want your account get punished.

    You've been a problematic member ever since you first joined here and the moderation team knows that.
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    586 Studios
    Your submission was trashed for spam more than a double post, it got flagged by users as such so then it was determined to be removed. What you can do is pack it instead with the other submission since it is more of the same, then people would not complain.
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    Paysus Skinning/Modelling Expert
    Just because you don't understand anything about it doesn't mean it isn't useful. (SCA)

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    I like to make things.
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    Thanks for the sub.

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    Purification in progress
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