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Supa Sexay
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    Woh, hold on. What?!
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    Jiggle Jiggle
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    i think he is not active anymore. R.I.P Soviet1942
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    I makes and rates Shit
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    If you ever check up you should donate some points to me :)
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    i wonder if you're still even active :\
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    generalis Joined 12y ago
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    What do u need to make office pics of my friends like what u did in
    Liberty And Justice
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    Chinikaylo Joined 15y ago
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    Damn yo, were have you gone bro? You were such a good customizer for games and such, come back bro! D:
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    risOsi industries
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  • Hi soviet! I saw a submission of yours for the "boot to bsod" animated in game PC monitor and I had a few questions! 1) In the google video demo, did I really see your guy bend down and mount in front of the PC?! I didn't think you could do that sort of animations/interactions with objects in the CSS world. 2)Are you still doing that "put your own desktop wallpaper" into the pack thing? I'd love to display my wallpaper in game. Hit me back and let me know the details...
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    Have you had your Banana today
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    penguin2254 Joined 15y ago
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    Yo, soviet, im making my own monitor pack now, and since you can make animated textures so well, could you please make a bsod pack if i give you the textures?
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    Mybook, Youspace, FaceTube, wh
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    lnferno Joined 14y ago
    Yo Brotha ima repost this ok? except I fixed it
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  • Thanks. But why though?
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    For mother Russia.
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