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The 2020 Celeste Spring Community Collab

A Map for Celeste


Version 1.2.1 11d
  • - Dialog: fix spelling of fishmcmuffins in credits
  • - CANADIAN's Grandmaster Entry: replace killbox camera with two target triggers, nerf end of room 4 (cloud room), remove decorative spinners that could actually kill you, adjust seeker barrier in top right of room 5 and replace fg tiles there with exit block for more precision and consistency
  • - Code mod: reset session flags when chapter timer is reset due to dying in the first room. That will reset levers for example
Version 1.2.0 12d Version 1.1.1 17d Version 1.1.0 17d

A collaboration involving 100+ people to commemorate Celeste

The 2020 Celeste Spring Collab is a project that has been in the making for over 8 months with 100+ people involved. After waiting patiently for so long, we're proud to present you the final product!

The Spring Collab Has:

  • 5 Chapters Each with a Different Level of Difficulty
  • 80+ Maps
  • 300+ Rooms
  • 1500+ Hours of Playtesting
  • 175+ Strawberries
  • 40+ New Music Tracks 
  • Dozens of New Custom Mechanics
  • Many, Many New Sprites
  • Built-in Speedrun Times

The Spring Collab has 5 lobbies for you to explore, loaded with maps made by the community. The difficulty of the maps spans from early Vanilla content to some of the hardest Celeste maps that exist, providing enjoyable content for everyone.

Once a Map is beaten, Silver Berries and Speed Berries will spawn in its first room. Silver Berries will require you to reach the end of the map to be collected, while Speed Berries will time how fast you get through the map, and then give you a ranking! (To unlock all berries at the start, unlock Cheat Mode in the vanilla Prologue chapter.)

Thank you everyone who participated in the development of this project, and thank you everyone for playing the collab!

Because of how the lobbies were developed, using the Debug Tools or any unintended mod functionality or debug commands may break the lobbies.

The Spring Collab 2020 Audio file is a required dependency for the mod, and it also goes in the Mods folder like any other dependency. The Everest auto downloader will do this for you.

The collab soundtrack is streamable on all major streaming platforms. The Majority of proceeds from OST sales go to benefit Trans Lifeline. You can buy the album here. The remainder of the proceeds will go to support the creator of Everest (The program that made this all possible).

If you'd like to make a donation directly, use the donation button or this link.

If you want to give feedback, whether it's reporting a bug, suggesting gameplay fixes, or something else, please join the official discord server and tell us!

iamdadbod is in the process of making playthrough videos for every single map in this pack. The playlist of all releases can be found by clicking this link or just going to iamdadbod's channel. There are also playlists for each difficulty chapter. This link has a list of all available videos with additional information including direct links to specific videos. New videos are being released daily so check back often!


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Map


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  • Vapo avatar
    Vapo Joined 11d ago
    Full thoughts (from playing through the first 3 difficulties so far):
    • I think this is a really well put together mod and I'd highly recommend to literally anyone who has played Celeste (and beaten main-game preferably). The amount of content is insane for the pricetag of exactly 0, presentation of the mod is beautiful, lots of the maps have custom OSTs which are pretty much all a delight to listen to. It's honestly astounding how much effort was put into this overall and it really shows :)
    • Each map having the silver+speed berries adds a lot of replay value to each. Speed berries aren't always done perfectly (there's some clear imbalances in gold time difficulties likely due to several different people working on them, I also personally don't like how you die if you miss the bronze time) but they're a cool challenge and I think anyone can achieve the gold times I've seen so far with the right effort+strats. 
    • Most of the maps have been really enjoyable, with lots of them having unique things that make them really stand out. I'd be lying if I said there weren't a few I didn't enjoy, but those are pretty scarce and also come down a bit to personal preference (personally I really don't enjoy anything dashless, which each lobby so far has had 2-3 maps of). The only major critique I have is the (spoilers if you care about that) heartsides, which are summit-like maps at the end of each lobby combining all the different maps of the lobby. In theory I think it's a nice throwback, but the way they're executed is each flag consists of ~4 entirely separate rooms back to back with no checkpoints or time to breathe. This ends up being really unfun to play through, especially when some of the later rooms in each flag have things that you can't see coming, or the hardest part is right at the end after already playing through >30 seconds of gameplay to get there. I've been told this was intentional design but I do ultimately think it'd be much more enjoyable if these were all just separate flags.

    • The lobbies for each difficulty are really well put together and include gyms to teach you the required tech, which I think is a cool concept. It can be annoying traversing through them trying to find the 1 or 2 maps you're missing, but worst case scenario you can just debug your way to them if you don't care too much about it feeling legit.
    • Each map has a difficulty rating, both in terms of which lobby it's in and a green-red scale within each lobby. Overall this is pretty well done, but by the nature of difficulty being a subjective measure there can be some wonky stuff in there (personally the easiest map in Intermediate was marked red, one of the hardest maps in Advanced was marked green). There are also some other strange outliers based on lobby placement being defined by tech moreso than actual difficulty: as an example Crystal Enigma is a pretty difficult puzzle map placed in Beginner due to its lack of required tech or difficulty in actual execution (personally I really liked the map so I didn't mind but I have seen this annoy some people), I've also heard there are some Expert maps easier than ones in Advanced that just happen to include tech which is considered Expert level.
    • Overall despite a few flaws I do think it's an incredible package of mods overall, there's at least 50-100 hours of content playing through all the maps and going for silver/speed berries and there's definitely something for everyone. :)
    • Agree x 1
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  • sonicquick avatar
    sonicquick Joined 16d ago
    This is my favorite celeste mod of all time.
    URL to post:
  • by far the best mod I've ever ever played, currently on advanced lobby and the level design, music and gameplay are just perfect
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  • Scol1t avatar
    Scol1t Joined 1mo ago
    i hope new speed berries in beginner more easy.
    URL to post:
  • I've finished the beginner lobby and I must say I am impressed. The level of quality is outstanding. So much work went into this and it shows.

    I'm astonished with how good this thing is. Like wow is it good! And the sheer size of it! It's hard to believe there's 4 more lobbies!

    I'm having a blast playing. Thank you everyone who had a part in making this! Without all of your efforts it wouldn't be as good as it is.
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  • agedcheez avatar
    agedcheez Joined 18d ago
    Serene Skydive in the intermediate levels always crashes when I try to load it. Is there any way to make it not crash?

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  • I get stuck on "downloading mod database..." forever. Does it just take a REALLY long time?
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  • tom avatar
    tom username pic Joined 19y ago
    End Boss Ripe Supporter TBS2 Manager Super Admin
    1,385 points Ranked 22,690th
    72 medals 13 legendary 10 rare
    • Achieved Super Admin clearance Medal icon
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    tom avatar
    End Boss
    This is awesome, thank you :)
    testing 1234 222
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  • I can't seem to find the song that plays in the Overgrown City in either of the albums.  The Music credit says it's called "Two Skies Apart" but there isn't a song by that name in the albums.
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  • This looks absolutely stunning! Can't wait to try it out.
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Key Authors
Spring Collab 2020 Team
767 points Ranked 43,209th


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Development Info

You can find the source code for the custom mechanics here.


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