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Super Mario Sunburn

A Map for Super Mario Sunshine


v1.3 22d
  • BugFix v1.1: Fixed the pipe to Gelato not working in Delfino Plaza state 1.
  • BugFix v1.2: Fixed a bug causing the spooky stage to crash.
  • BugFix v1.2: Removed a duplicate rocket nozzle box from Ricco.
  • BugFix v1.2: Removed a duplicate pokey from Bianco Hills.
  • Addition v1.2: Changed the way you access the final stage to collecting 70 shines instead of the 7th shine in each stage.
  • Addition v1.3: PC edition now has a separate patch for shadow Mario mode.
  • Addition v1.3: Created a set of cheat codes for people who use Swiss.
  • BugFix v1.3: Fixed underwater stages so they don't lock you in place after shine get!
  • BugFix v1.3: Added entrance to the Noki Bay underwater cave stage in episode 5.
  • BugFix v1.3: Removed duplicate warp zone in the custom hub

Everything sunshine should have been.

Super Mario Sunburn is a project that has been in the work's for about 2 1/2 years.

What does Super Mario Sunburn do?


Essentially it makes Super Mario Sunshine everything It should have been back in 2002.

-Open world: Free travel from stage to stage.

-Multiple missions: You can collect shines out of order.

-No boot out: Collecting shines doesn't bring you back to the hub.

-Blue coins: Blue coin's have been put in multiple act's where possible.

-More coins: Added around 30-60 coins to every stage.

-Custom stages: Three new custom stages created by yours truly.

-Changed how to access the final level: Collecting 70 shines unlocks Corona Mountain instead of the 7th shine from each stage. 

-Various other features: Restored ciao audio clip, hover nozzle can move on ceilings, cut scenes skipable, and blue coins don't give you a save prompt.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Map

  1. Clean dump of Super Mario Sunshine (US)


  • super_mario_sunburn_console_edition_5235a.7z 13dExecutable
    This file is or contains an executable
  • super_mario_sunburn_pc_edition_59973.7z 13dExecutable
    This file is or contains an executable
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  • GilloDaby avatar
    GilloDaby Joined 13hr ago
    access_time 13hr
    It will be more awesome if we can add the multiplayer patch with the SunBurns patch! Sadly I try and it's not working but Great Job I really like your job!

    URL to post:
  • thomashoodmusic avatar
    thomashoodmusic Joined 2d ago
    access_time 2d edit 2d
    Hello, I'm having an issue when patching the game. I have a US copy of the game (I double checked as well, this isn't console).

    "An error has occurred: xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT"

    I'm choosing the game as the original file and the 70 shine file for the xdelta patch. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Again it is a US copy of the game.
    URL to post:
  • Paynamia avatar
    Paynamia username pic Joined 11y ago
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    access_time 21d
    Damn, looks like I'm going to have to hunt down my disc and dump a new image. Hope I find it, want to check this out.
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  • MikaDubbz avatar
    MikaDubbz Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 21d
    Is anyone able to get this to boot in Nintendont on Wii U or Wii?  Patch was applied without issue, game loads in Dolphin, yet wont load with hardware capable of playing GameCube games natively, unless I'm just missing an option or something.
    URL to post:
  • JakeLeB avatar
    JakeLeB Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 22d
    Can you make a version without the custom stages?
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Key Authors
compiler, bug fixer, and all around cool guy.
edited the .dol and creator of the second best SMS mod
Made the amazing boot out code.
Special Thanks
Noki doki
Helped me during development
Helped me during development


Epicwade avatar
Epicwade Joined 2y ago
280 points Ranked 52454th
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Development Info

Development of Super Mario Sunburn started in 2018 Just after I finished my Super Mario 64 rom hack "Another Castle". Before I even began development of that back in 2015 I had attempted to create custom map's for sunshine. As I tried I soon realized I had no clue what I was doing. Because of this I decided I would get practice with game editing with SM64 as it has a far larger modding community. After finishing Another Castle I wen't back to Super Mario Sunshine. In the beginning I couldn't even get custom level collision to work correctly the First two years of development was spent primarily getting used to the far less developed community tools for sunshine and finding out all of the games oddity's. After finding out what would crash the game and what wouldn't development picked up pace exponentially. I thought I would never have enough time to finish this as I just didn't have enough time before I graduated from high school but the covid-19 lockdown gave me all the time in the world. Once the game was finished I tested the game on a different build of dolphin emulator. On different builds I started getting errors as I loaded into a handful of stages. after searching for help on the sunshine hut discord I found a partner to help with this. Google cheese was able to compile my stage's in a way that didn't crash. Once I got a build of Sunburn complete I did a couple test runs to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything. after going through a bug testing phase I released Sunburn a few days early to those On the sunshine hut discord, created a trailer and here we are now! :)


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Feel free to edit Super Mario Sunburn if you got the skill.




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