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dr_underworld_v3 (Release)

A Map for Team Fortress 2


Version 3
  • BugFix Numerous bug fixes.
  • Improvement Alterations to stages, traps and minigames.
  • Optimization Skeletons will no longer laugh constantly nor make ear-piercing bone breaks when they die.
  • Overhaul Moderate lighting overhaul.
  • Overhaul Activator areas are now linear (Most noticable in stages 1 and 3. Stage 2 remains relatively unchanged).
  • Amendment The healing fountains (formerly called landing pools) will regenerate player health, which are found at the beginning of each stage.
  • Adjustment Rearranged the spectator cameras.
  • Addition Replaced and added new music for the Zombie Horde and Jump Minigame (5 for ZH and 1 for Jump).
  • Addition Two new traps (1 manual and 1 automatic).
  • Addition Added more detail (gravestones, torches, etc).
  • Addition Implemented eastereggs and secrets.
  • Addition Added the bird soldier and demoman from the beta.
Version 2
  • BugFix Fixed minor visual issue in the spectator area in russian roulette minigame.
  • BugFix Fixed particle and sound trigger on the vortex in the first realm not playing each time someone enters through.
  • Tweak Shortened zombie horde minigame to 2 minutes, in addition to some music.
  • Tweak Reduced the amount of platforms on the third trap from 8 to now 4.
  • Tweak Minor alterations to the arena.
  • Adjustment Activator's instructions have been moved slightly further away from the Blu spawn point.
  • Adjustment The revolver in the russian roulette minigame will now skip all empty slots if less than 5 red players remain.
  • Overhaul Redesigned the fourth trap.
  • Optimization Compressed background music to about half of the original.
  • Addition Chat text along with an audio cue will now appear when 1 or more players escape the underworld.
  • Addition Added a trigger to kill mini skeletons in the second realm 20 seconds after their trap has been activated.
  • Addition Added jarate effect for the medic head in the jar. Press the self destruct button while near it to get doused in piss.
Formerly called the mini version, this is the release version with the latest features and fixes.

If for whatever reason you want to play the beta version, get it here: (it's challenging and a bit outdated).

Potential Issues:
- The surrounding fog will not change from the view of the spectators when cycling though camera positions.
- Ichthyosaur eyes may, for unknown reasons, look purple. I have no clue how to fix it.

- 17 traps.
- Motivator.
- Sp00ky. Scary. Skeletons.
- 8 endings for runners to choose from.
- Freerun/Kill Yourself function for the activator.
- Some elements from the beta.
- Eastereggs/Secrets.

Suggestions? Complaints? Death threats? Post them down below.



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Hashshashin Zurkosassin
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