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Tools pane for main modding tools for games - An Idea

Seeing as GameBanana already has a pane advertising the main mod manager to use for each game if it supports 1-Click, an extra pane underneath that might help people get started with modding by having a list of the main tools required to modify the game data.

I've noticed a trend where people would typically start with uploading some basic texture edits, since that's really the first thing you're introduced to if you simply get an unpacker and look around the files in some games.

If there's more a tool can offer than just that, being able to display that on the game's front page would make it more obvious to new modders which tools to use for what.

Here's a mock-up of what could be done;

These entries would be maintained by the section's Game Manager and the icons for each tool can use the new Program Icon field for the Tool category (alternatively, nothing if no icon was set).


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    The games home page can use more love yes - stuff like starter tutorials, curated tools list to begin with customization/modding is very useful.

    For the time being, all of that is still manually doable via the welcome blurb area.
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    To my mind, it'll make more sense to have a "Getting Started" tutorial and a link to it on the game's page.
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