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Submission Playlist/Collections

An Idea

Much like Steam has in their Workshop, I think it would be a really cool option to be able to throw together playlists or collections of submissions that you feel either go well together or are just a list of your personal favorites. This would be publicly viewable by default, but able to be set as private if it's made for personal use. It could be a module on users' profiles or an entirely separate page that is linked from their profile.

This feature could combat the influx of submission packs that are just repackaged content that's already available on the site. This way, the submissions are added to a list and viewable from whomever adds the said submission to their list's profile. Other users could also like those playlists and save them to their own profiles.

For example, I know our guy plaxic loves him some Assault maps for Counter-Strike, he could make a definitive list of his favorite Assault maps viewable from his profile. Or if someone downloaded a bunch of skins and thought they went well together, they could drop them into a collection and link it from their profile.

I don't know how much of an endeavor a feature like this would be, but ultimately it would help bring more eyes to more submissions and perhaps lead to collaborations if enough submissions are tied together. What do you guys think?


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    I would love to see this as a profile module with its link to its own page.

    As you already said, this could useful in many ways and i would love to customize a module in my profile with my favorite creations.
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    I think this is a great idea.  Speaking to your comment about assault maps, a few weeks back I was planning on submitting a map pack of my 2007 maps, because half of them were not on the site. But between now and then about half of them were actually posted during the April assault rush, so now a map pack post would be redundant. Your collections idea would still allow me to organize the already-posted maps into a 'pack'.  Another collection I've been considering is remakes of all the official B1.0-R1.6 maps, a bunch of which are already on the site with nothing tying them together.
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