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The most realistic combat simulator to date, made and designed by the US army. Play as infantry, airborne or the elite green berets and the indigenous forces they train and fight alongside with. New to version 2.7-2.8 is the army's ACU uniform, a game engine update as well as two new maps and an editor to which you can create your own maps. Play as a rifleman with your m16 or m4, be a sniper with the pinpoint m24 or the raw power of the m82 or take a supportive role as an automatic rifleman or a combat medic. Realistic training that cn be done at any time unlocks new maps, new gameplay styles and new weapons. Welcome to the army, what will you be!?


U.S. Army (PC & Consoles), Secret Level (Consoles) Publisher(s)-U.S. Army (PC), Ubisoft (Consoles) Distributor(s)-U.S. Army
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