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Game files

Quake II Banner

1. Blaster: The only weapon that the player is equipped with at the start of the game, the Blaster is a basic energy handgun. Although lacking in firepower, the Blaster does not require ammunition. 2. Shotgun: A mid-range hitscan weapon. Essentially the staple shotgun found in the majority of first-person shooters. 3. Super Shotgun: A pump-action double-barelled shotgun with a slower reload time, but significantly more firepower, than the regular shotgun. 4. Machine gun: A generic machine gun, although its small size means that recoil is significant. 5. Chaingun: More reminiscent of a Gatling gun, with a spin-up and spin-down delay. It has a very high rate of fire, which is effective against enemies, but consumes ammunition quickly. 6. Hand Grenade: The longer players hold a hand grenade after activating the fuse timer, the farther they will throw it. 7. Grenade Launcher: Somewhat oddly this weapon uses hand grenades as ammunition, rendering it a more effective way of delivering them to their intended target. 8. Rocket Launcher: Rockets fired from this weapon are effective against even the toughest enemies, although some Strogg are known to duck and avoid them. It is possible to partake in rocket jumping with this gun. 9. Hyper Blaster: Essentially an energy chaingun, it is also a devastating but ammunition-consuming weapon. 10. Railgun: The railgun is the quintessential weapon for Quake sharpshooters. Although it has a low rate of fire, each depleted uranium slug is fired at an extremely high velocity and is even able to penetrate multiple Strogg. 11. BFG10K: The BFG, Big Freaking Gun (what it's called in the instruction manual), is the most powerful weapon in the game. The mass of energy fired by this weapon can split into a number of beams, each damaging any enemies in the vicinity (and usually killing them).


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